Lucky Fox Nintendo Switch PC and TPU Case


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  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up
  • Material/s: silicon
  • Includes: 1x Lucky Fox PC + TPU Case (Note: Nintendo Switch Console not included)
  • Features: Specially design for NS CASE
  • Protect Your Device From Everyday bumps, scratches, dust and finger prints
  • Smooth and Comfortable for hand use, durable for long life span
  • The Crystal Box containing the left and right handles and the crystal box of the main unit respectively
  • High permeability and durability, fit the host and small handles
  • Product Description: Material and beautiful design. You will never have to worry about your controller being scratch.
  • The press buttons are cut properly and makes users control.
  • Measures approximately 10.5cm x 2.5cm x 25.5cm

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