Hot Wheels City Stunt Garage Toy for Boys


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  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Designed to inspire stories and creativity for ages 3-8 with cool, colorful, and functional outfits they'll love.
  • Children can use the elevator to bring their cars to the level they want and park there or drive down to the lower level.
  • There are changers to guide the cars to specific levels and the main floor allows kids to get a full check of the car, fuel, and get ready for the next adventure.
  • Everything connects at Hot Wheels City and other Hot Wheels tracks and sets (sold separately). Ages 3 to 8 years.
  • Kids can drive in and up and down 4 levels in this awesome vertical garage game with tracks.

The Hot Wheels City Stunt Garage is the only garage that let's kids cars jump from one floor to the other! Use the elevator to bring cars to any level and decide to park the car there or stunt down, jumping to the lower floor. Kids can use the shifters to guide their car to a specific level, or they can go to the main floor for a total car check. Fuel it up and make sure the car is ready for the next adventure! Each set connects directly to other Hot Wheels City sets and grey City track; still compatible with your orange track.

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