Air Cleene Multi-Purpose Sanitizer - Black


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  • Recommended for ages 1 and up
  • Sterilization Rate: 99.9
  • Service Life: 10000 Hours
  • Multipurpose use (for any boxes, cars, cabinets, toilet/toilet bowls) etc.

UVC light with ozone.  5 minutes UV C light disinfection and 5 minutes of ozone release after uv c light disinfection. Sterilization rate 99.9% Service Life. 10,000 hours. Application area 4 sqm. Charging time 90 minutes . Approximate no. of days use for every charge is 40 days.  Uses: Stick on multi-purpose boxes to make into portable disinfection boxes. Stick on car ceilings to disinfect cars, Stick it on cabinets and toilets to disinfect and clean from smells, viruses and germs.

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