Barbie Cutie Reveal Owl Doll


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  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • Material/s: Plastic
  • With 10 surprises in 1 pack, Snowflake Sparkle Series Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls offer the cutest unboxing experience with plush cold-climate animal figures, outfits, surprises and color change fun.
  • Open the package to discover Barbie and her fluffy stuffed animal figure. Choose from a deer with gold foil antlers, a snowy owl with glittery wings, a husky puppy with fancy or glittery fur, a glittery polar bear. Which surprise doll will you reveal?
  • Remove the top of the costume to see the super-poseable Barbie doll with glittery eye decorations and long, colorful hair.
  • Unlock all 4 packs to discover surprises including a cute skirt, a pair of snow boots, a sponge comb, a pet-eared tiara and your pet companion that matches your style.
  • Kids can turn the top of the outfit inside out and dress Barbie up in a fluffy wool coat with a cute pattern like polka dots or twinkling stars. The top accessory of the outfit also turns into a bed for your animal friend.
  • Measures approximately 1.33 in x 2.75 in 11.92 in
  • Colors and decorations may vary.

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