Cats Vs Pickles Carny Cat Small Plush

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  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Materials:fabric
  • Features: Welcome to the world of Cats vs. Pickles! Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love. Silly and soft – cats and pickles! Pickles love all the cats! Foodie cats, sweet cats, scary cats, fishy cats, cats with glasses, and cats with class, and cats for school Cats vs. Pickles! So fun, you will want to collect them all! Cats vs Pickles Plushies ! Colourful Cats and Rare Pickles!
  • Adorable plush characters made of premium soft plush fabric stuffed with special beans and poly fiber and has embroidered details.
  • Includes special hang tag with plush name and bio, and a QR code

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