Dino Ranch Dino Riding Adventures 6 Pack Figure

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  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Material/s: Plastic parts
  • Jon & Blitz, Min & Clover, and Miguel & Tango.
  • Each vehicle has a built-in dino and comes with a Dino Rancher figure.
  • Jon’s Chariot is led by Blitz, Min’s Care Cart is led by Clover, and Miguel’s Tow Rig is led by Tango! Blitz the raptor, one of the fastest dinos on the ranch, is ready for adventure with Jon, speeding through Dino Ranch on the colorful chariot with a lightning bolt on the side. Pull the chariot back and watch the flames spin!
  • Min, the dino doctor-in-training, and Clover, the gentle, loveable brontosaurus, take care of all the dinos on Dino Ranch.
  • Clover helps Min by pulling her care cart; it includes a chest where you can store all sorts of treasures. Miguel, the inventor of the trio, is featured here with Tango, the mighty strong Triceratops!
  • Each Dino Rancher wears a hat that can be removed!

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