Frog Musical Drum Toy


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  • Recommended for ages 18months up to 5 years old
  • Materials: Plastic, soy based ink
  • Choose between drum and ribbits!
  • You can play the drum (or ribbits) alone or layer it over the beat of any song you choose.
  • Discover musical genres: Rock, World, Electro Pop, or Urban. Press the Beat Box button, and hit Record while singing in the microphone.
  • Press play for cool voice changing effects and to play it back on a different track.
  • Try to catch the fly when it settles on one of the lily pads.
  • It’s simple and a crowd-pleaser.
  • Press Catch Me, the image of a fly will appear on one of the pads, tap the pad (with hands or drumsticks) before the fly lands on another pad.
  • The fly gets faster and so will you.
  • Slurpalicious froggy fun!
  • No packaging included

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