Hori Nintendo Switch Black OLED Wide Pouch


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  • Wide pouch for Nintendo Switch Multi-storing pouch that can accommodate a wide range of AC adapters and small items ** Not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite itself.
  • Plenty of storage design Nintendo Switch main unit or Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) main unit and Nintendo Switch AC adapter are included.
  • With a wide mesh pocket, you can store various small items. (Play stand, card case, Joy-Con ™ grip, other accessories, etc.) **Please note that it may not fit depending on the combination of products.
  • Designed for easy portability The inside of the fabric contains a core material and cushioning material to protect the contents.
  • Convenient to carry with a TPE handle that can be firmly gripped.
  • Items that can be stored
  • Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) main unit (1 unit) ?or Nintendo Switch main unit (1 unit)  AC adapter and other accessories

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