Hot Wheels City Toxic Gorilla Slam

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  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • ​The Hot Wheels® Toxic Gorilla Slam™ playset challenges kids to defeat an evil nemesis through stunting action and awesome push-around play!
  • ​There are 3 different ways to conquer the toxic gorilla using the adjustable launcher, but if kids miss the target, they'll just anger the beast, and he'll growl and glow menacingly!
  • Varying lights and sounds indicate how annoyed the gorilla is. If your car gets eaten, he'll burp, but when he's defeated, watch him collapse and turn blue.
  • ​The playset is loaded with lots of fun push-around play features like moveable gas hoses and a tire-shop mechanism. Track diverters invite open-ended play and exploration.
  • The set also connects to other Hot Wheels® track sets (sold separately) through multiple points on the base for endless play opportunities.
  • With so much action, the Hot Wheels® Toxic Gorilla Slam™ makes a great gift for kids 5 years and older, who will love the exciting challenges and adventures the Hot Wheels® Toxic Gorilla Slam™ offers.

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