Hot Wheels Sky Buster Aero Junior Ii


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  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • THRILLING ASSORTMENT. The Hot Wheels Skybuster Assortment toy set is sure to add more excitement to your kid's playtime! Youngsters will be simply thrilled to own the Hot Wheels Skybuster assortment as they'll see their wish of collecting aircrafts coming to fruition.
  • HIGHLY DETAILED HELICOPTERS AND AIRPLANES. This assortment of aircrafts includes helicopters and airplanes that are intricately designed with complete detailing and are complete replicas of the originals. All the aircrafts in this set are made of die-cast material, making them are very sturdy and durable.
  • ATTRACTIVE AND CHILD FRIENDLY COLLECTION. Moreover, the aircrafts in this Hot Wheels Skybuster assortment for kids have an ergonomic design that allows kids to easily grasp them by hand. Your kid can enjoy playing with these aircrafts both indoors and outdoors in the company of his friends.
  • Packaging measures approximately L5.5 x W1.1 x H6.5 inch

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