Kaloo Regliss' Donkey Doudou Puppet


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  • Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • Materials:  Fur and micro-velvet
  • Measures: L5xH10 in.
  • Packaging measures approximately L=24cm x W=10cm x H=36cm
  • Has silky dark fur
  • Soft and Fluffy

Kaloo Regliss' Donkey Doudou Puppet

This irresistible donkey was named Régliss’ (French for licorice, a popular candy in France) because his silky dark fur and his sweet nature remind us of delicious licorice Cutest doudou puppet made of fur and microvelour for the most comfortable feel of touch. The puppet function entertains baby and allows an interactive game between baby and parents. Their extremely soft tummies are the best cuddles ever.


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