Magic Mixies Series 1 Mixlings Collector Cauldron Pack


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  • Recommended for ages 5 years and up.
  • Material/s: Plastic
  • Your magic wand reveals your Mixlings magic power! Will you find the wand that activates your Enchanters, Morphers and Fliers' Gem? Or will you find the Pippette wand that unleashes your Vanishers power?
  • There's also a Glow In the Dark wand to find that unlocks your Spellsters magic!
  • Channel your inner magic to create your very own Mixling!
  • Rub the gem on the Cauldron to find out if your Mixling is Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare or a Limited Edition, then say the magic words 'Magicus Mixus' to magically discover who's inside the Cauldron!
  • Will you find the Limited Edition Light Up Mixling, Zarla? Her power is extra bright with her magic light up color-change gem!
  • Repeat the magical gem reveal unobxing again and again or use your Cauldron to store your Mixlings and trinkets!
  • There are 40+ Mixlings to discover and create across Series 1. Collect the whole World of Magic Mixies Mixlings!
  • No battery required

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