Motion Sand Glow Sand


Color: Multicolor
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  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • Material: Sand
  • Glowing Sand
  • Contains 500g of Motion Sand
  • The sand glows when lighted with UV pen
  • You can write or draw on the sand with the UV pen
  • Contents: 500g glowing sand, 1 UV pen

    Motion Sand Glow Sand
    It’s more fun when it’s Motion Sand is the squeezable sand where you can FEEL the fun. It’s 98% sand, 2% Polymers and 100% fun It’s also gluten free. Motion Sand stimulates children’s creativity, easily cleans up and it sticks to itself, not to you. Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Motion Sand is so incredible you can’t put it down. It’s kinetic – meaning it sticks to itself and not to you! It’s easy to shape and mould and flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid.

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