Nerf DP-E Fortnite Blaster

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  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Drop into battle with this set of 2 Nerf Fortnite DP-E blasters for dual 3-dart blasting! They're inspired by the Fortnite blaster, replicating the look of the one from the popular video game.
  • Enjoy real-life Fortnite battles with the cool Nerf Elite blasters. Target opponents with one in each hand, or hand one to your friend for some one-on-one battle.
  • The DP-E blasters have an internal clip with a 3-dart capacity for you to fire 3 in a row before you need to reload.
  • This set includes 12 Official Nerf Darts, enough to fully load each blaster and give you back-up firepower.
  • The darts are designed for distance, tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips, making them great for indoor and outdoor Fortnite action!
  • Material: Plastic

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