Nerf Roblox Zombie Attack Viper Strike Blaster


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  • Recommended for ages 8 years and up
  • Material/s: Plastic parts
  • VIPER STRIKE DART BLASTER: This dart firing blaster takes its inspiration from the Roblox experience Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra
  • This Nerf Roblox blaster includes a special code that allows you to redeem an exclusive virtual item on Roblox.
  • Launch into dart blasting zombie battles with this Nerf Roblox blaster.
  • Sink your fangs into dart firing fun with this blaster that features an awesome snake design and bolt-action priming.
  • Move the bolt back and forth to prime
  • Includes: blaster, barrel, bolt, bipod, clip, 6 darts, 1 exclusive virtual item code, and instructions.

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