NERF Shellstrike DS-6 Blaster Toy for Boys

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Color: Multicolor
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  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Material: Plastic
  • Includes blaster, 2 shells, 6 darts, and instructions.
  • Measures approximately L10x H7inch
  • The blaster has a cool break-open loading mechanism -- move the latch and the blaster "breaks" open.
  • Load the shell inside, close the blaster, prime, and fire.
  • Store 2 shells on the blaster tokeep them nearby for fast reloading.

NERF Shellstrike DS-6 Blaster Toy for Boys

Up for some nerf-wrecking action? Grab your Nerf Elite Shellstrike DS-6 and get ready for some smashing fun! This Nerf Elite Shellstrike DS-6 features a break-open mechanism for inserting a shell inside. What's more exciting is that you can store 2 shells on the blaster to reload quickly.

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