Nostalgia Retro Series 50s Style Automatic Ice Maker


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  • Brand: Nostalgia
  • Fill reservoir with 3.2 liters (3.4 quarts) of water. Select small, medium or large ice cubes.
  • Makes 9 ice cubes every 7-15 minutes
  • Units will make 26 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period.
  • Packaging measures approximately:L41 x W34 x H44 cm

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Style 50s Style Automatic Ice Maker

The RETRO SERIES AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER from Nostalgia Electrics is a stylish, portable ice maker that has the look of classic diners of the 1950s. With its modern stylish design and portable ice making function it is great for making ice for pool parties, home bar or office party function in a very comfortable way. Easy to use and in an instant you will create a cool and refreshing beverages to liven up the party. This unit produces up to 26lbs of ice per day with a cubes sizes available in small-medium-large sizes.


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