Peppa Pig Peppa's Waterpark Playset

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  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Material/s: Plastic parts
  • Imagine a day at the waterpark with Peppa!
  • This Peppa Pig toy set includes a 2-sided playset, 2 figures, and lots of waterpark-themed accessories. (Not intended for water.)
  • The 2-sided playset has a pool deck, changing room doors, a working whale-shaped elevator, and a slide that comes down from the second floor!
  • This Peppa Pig set comes with a pretend pool, lounge chair, concession stand, floaties, a picnic table and pretend sundae, and 2 towels that the figures can wear
  • Poseable Peppa and George figures are ready for waterpark fun in their bathing suits!
  • Includes playset with attachable deck, slide, and elevator; pool, lounge chair, sundae, concession stand, picnic table, 2 floaties, 2 towels, and 2 figures.

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