PlayShifu Plugo Steam Piano Learning Kit


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  • Recommended for 4 years and up
  • Material/s: Plastic parts
  • Plugo Tunes - the perfect piano starter kit, Master the ABC of music notes! Play 50+ songs by following the colors on-screen.
  • Start slow, one key at a time, follow the colors and master the rhyme!
  • Master the ABCs of music notes, learn to play the piano, and build musical intelligence!
  • Play along to learn 50+ songs - all your favorite rhymes, jingles, and carols.
  • And not just that, compose your music and use musical 'pops' to add a little twist. Make those colorful birds dance to your tunes!
  • STEAM Ahead - Develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory skills & musical intelligence.
  • ‘Groovy’ Reasons To Love Plugo Tunes
  • 4 Modes to Learn, Play, And Jam
  • Learn 50+ favorite rhymes with guided-tutorials and fun animated characters — Itty the octopus, Kitty the cat or Bitty the bird.
  • Use the power of notes, chords, and tunes to bring back the cheer. It's you and Tory McTunes against the Grumps!
  • Notes & Keys: Learn the basic 8 notes and how to play them. Once you've mastered the notes, move to songs.
  • Jamming with Pops: Use pops to choose background music and record your own songs.
  • Transition to a real keyboard : Make music lessons fun and interactive! The experience is designed to help children shift to a real keyboard smoothly.
  • Develop STEM/STEAM Skills: Develop musical skills, hand-eye coordination, memory skills & cognitive intelligence with Plugo Tunes
  • In The Box - 1 piano, 3 musical pops, 2 key-mapping stickers, 1 foldable gamepad (with magnetic play area), help guide. Watch the video to see how this STEAM toy works! (The box doesn’t come with a tablet/smartphone).

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