Zoids Takara ZW19 Fang Tiger


Color: Multicolor
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  • Recommended for ages 6 years and above.
  • Mid-size Zoids of Saber Tiger species.
  • The two fangs on the back are deployed forward, moving forward while moving up and down.
  • At the same time the mouth will also open and close.
  • Requires 1x AAA battery,not included.
  • Perfect gift for boys.

    The Zoids Wild are easy-to-assemble model kits that are motorized for amazing motion! Just open the box and snap the armor pieces onto the inner frame, and when you're done putting it together, just turn on the switch! A sabre-tooth-tiger type of Zoid, the Fang Tiger is piloted by Bacon. Its Wild Blast move is triggered automatically (although it can also be triggered manually by moving its neck back to its original position), during which the twin fang-like blades on its back spring forward, and it'l move forward moving them up and down, while opening and closing its mouth.

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