We Bare Bears 2-Wheel Kid Scooter Toy for Kids


Color: Multicolor
Sale price P599.75
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  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
    Material: Metal
    Cool 2 wheel folding scooter
    Easy-to-use fold and lock system
    Adjustable height
    Secured steering angle rear brake
    Child-friendly hand grip
    Cool gift for kids

We Bare Bears 2-Wheel Kid Scooter Toy for Kids

Let your kids enjoy the fun of strolling around with this We Bare Bears-inspired 2-Wheel Kid Scooter! It has a cool pastel blue color, easy-to-use fold and lock system, adjustable height, secured steering angle rear brake, and child-friendly hand grip, so you'll be confident that your little boo boo bears are riding safe while riding in style.


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