XB1 Watch Dogs Legion Resistance Edition


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  • Recommended for ages 14 and up
  • Copy of the Watch Dogs: Legion game
  • Digital Content - The resistant Pack: unlock Lynx, a new hacker character with an animal - inspired mask and outfit, and receive one wheel VIP status to help you earn in-game currency faster

WATCH DOGS: LEGION: RECRUITMENT EXPALINED WELCOME TO THE RESISTANCE Learn more on hpw to recruit in the world of Watch Dogs: Legion From a getaway driver to a street artist, every Londner has a unique backstory, a special skillset and a distinctive personality. Literally anyone you meet in the street cn join your team so its up to you to make it the way you like. • PLAY AS ANYONE, ANYONE CAN BE YOUR WEAPON. Every Londoner has a reason to fight back. Explore the open world to find your next recruit. Each character is fully playable, has thier own backstory, personalityand skill set, all of which comes into play as you personalise your team and choose the right operative to best confront the challenge ahead. • TAKE BACK LONDON SHOW THE CITY WHAT YOU'VE GOT. Explore massive urban open world and visit London's many famous landmark - includes Big Ben, Tower Bridges, Camden, Piccadily Circus or Whitechapel. • THE POWER THAT BE THESE ARE THE FORCES AT PLAY IN THIS NEAR - FUTURE LONDON. When London fell apart, opportunists knew where to be to catch the important pieces. they're in charge, and its up to you tomake sure that position is only temporary


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