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Energizer Max AAA2 BatteryEnergizer Max AAA2 Battery
Energizer Max AAA2 Battery
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Eveready Super Heavy Duty AA4 BatteryEveready Super Heavy Duty AA4 Battery

Power Up Your Toys With Batteries From Toy Kingdom

A battery is the beating heart of any electrical device, such as a toy. While it’s easy to get confused by the dizzying array of battery types available, there are only a handful of different types. Lucky for you, a wide array of battery types is available at the Toy Kingdom to keep your toys running for longer hours of fun!

Heavy duty batteries

Often used in toys and low-power devices, triple-A batteries are one of the smallest battery types available. These batteries are a common choice for children’s toys and other small devices. Triple-A batteries have a very long shelf life, but they are also one of the most expensive types of batteries due to their size and the materials used to create them. 

Long lasting batteries

Another small battery variety, double-A batteries are often used in toys, remote controls, and low-power devices. These types of batteries are the most popular battery variety available in the market and are also significantly less expensive than triple-A batteries, making them a great option for people who need to power high-drain devices on a budget.  

Best batteries for your toys

While there are many different types of batteries available, there are only a few core types. If you want to make sure you are shopping for working batteries that are worth your penny, make sure to get them at the Toy Kingdom!

We have a wide array of toy batteries to get your toy collection running. Shop batteries online at!