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KidShop Musical Piano MatKidShop Musical Piano Mat
KidShop Musical Piano Mat
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KidShop Magnetic Drawing BoardKidShop Magnetic Drawing Board
KidShop Magnetic Drawing Board
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KidShop Projector Drawing TableKidShop Projector Drawing Table
KidShop Projector Drawing Table
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KidShop Draw And Learn Activity BoardKidShop Draw And Learn Activity Board
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Headu Before And After Educational GameHeadu Before And After Educational Game
Headu The Human Body Under X-RayHeadu The Human Body Under X-Ray
Headu The Human Body Under X-Ray
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Headu Syllables Factory Educational GameHeadu Syllables Factory Educational Game
Headu Read & Write Educational GameHeadu Read & Write Educational Game
Headu Montessori Touch AbcHeadu Montessori Touch Abc
Headu Montessori Touch Abc
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Headu 123 Puzzle Educational GameHeadu 123 Puzzle Educational Game
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Headu Make ABC! Shaped LettersHeadu Make ABC! Shaped Letters
Headu Make ABC! Shaped Letters
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Headu Montessori My First Tactile LibraryHeadu Montessori My First Tactile Library
Headu Where Does It Come From?Headu Where Does It Come From?
Headu Where Does It Come From?
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Headu ABC English Educational GameHeadu ABC English Educational Game
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Headu Flashcards Little Boards Read And WriteHeadu Flashcards Little Boards Read And Write
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Headu Montessori Flashcards Tactile And Phonics AlphabetHeadu Montessori Flashcards Tactile And Phonics Alphabet
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Headu Flashcards Colors MontessoriHeadu Flashcards Colors Montessori
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Headu Flashcards Tactile MontessoriHeadu Flashcards Tactile Montessori
KidShop Fun Doodle BoardKidShop Fun Doodle Board
KidShop Fun Doodle Board
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Peppa Pig 2-in-1 Standing EaselPeppa Pig 2-in-1 Standing Easel
Peppa Pig 2-in-1 Standing Easel
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Marvel Spiderman Stationery Set in PVC BagMarvel Spiderman Stationery Set in PVC Bag

Boost Your Kids’ Confidence With Reading and Writing Toys

Children as young as five or six years old enjoy playing with their favorite toys. And while they may love their stuffed animals and action figures, the best toys for kids are ones that they can interact with. Even the shyest children will love playing with a board game or a set of colorful alphabet blocks. 

If you're looking for the perfect toy for teaching your child how to read and write, then look no further than our list of reading and writing toys at Toy Kingdom. We have a great selection of children's toys that will help develop fine motor skills, boost literacy, and teach your child about letters, numerals, spelling, word formation, and more. Not only will these activities help develop a love for reading and learning new things, but they are also great for improving attention span, concentration, and multitasking. 

Learning with toys

Reading and writing are skills that develop quite naturally with time, practice, and a good supply of books and toys. Unfortunately, many kids outgrow these skills relatively quickly, and it can be hard for them to get back into reading again once they’ve grown out of their reading break.

It is best to learn how to read with toys such as puzzles, word searches, reading and writing log stands, and more. It can also be used as a cross-training tool for other skills like number recognition and identifying letter sounds. One great example of a book that can help educate children is the Smart Babies English-Chinese Shapes Book from Toy Kingdom. 

Improve writing and reading skills

Although there are many ways to improve writing skills, one of the most enjoyable ways to do so is with a writing tool or two. Let your kid learn how to write with toys, colorful pens or pencils, and a set of writing workbooks from us. You can also collect the educational reading toys that outsell all other activity books on the market today. 

Shop learning toys now

If your child loves to play, there’s a good chance they’ll also love to learn with toys. And while many unique reading toys can be used alone, many can be used with other toys as well. Toys for improving writing skills will do wonders in your child's education and study habits. 

It can be a great source of inspiration and fun for your child as they develop these valuable skills. Visit to add more exciting toys to your collection!