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Tidys 10 pcs Disposable Toilet Seat CoversTidys 10 pcs Disposable Toilet Seat Covers
Totsafe PM2.5 20 pcs Disposable Mask FiltersTotsafe PM2.5 20 pcs Disposable Mask Filters
Totsafe Safari Melamine DishwareTotsafe Safari Melamine Dishware
Totsafe Farm Animals Melamine DishwareTotsafe Farm Animals Melamine Dishware
Totsafe Dinosaurs Melamine DishwareTotsafe Dinosaurs Melamine Dishware
Tidys 20 pcs Disposable BibsTidys 20 pcs Disposable Bibs
Tidys 20 pcs Disposable Bibs
Sale price P280.00
Totsafe Ceramic Food ScissorsTotsafe Ceramic Food Scissors
Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors
Sale price P980.00
Organic Baby Wipes 80 sheetsOrganic Baby Wipes 80 sheets
Organic Baby Wipes 80 sheets
Sale price P93.00
59S UVC LED S2 Sterilizing Storage Box59S UVC LED S2 Sterilizing Storage Box
59S UVC LED X5 Sterilizing Wand59S UVC LED X5 Sterilizing Wand
59S UVC LED X5 Sterilizing Wand
Sale price P5,675.00
UV Care Germinator 2.0UV Care Germinator 2.0
UV Care Germinator 2.0
Sale price P3,995.00

Explore Hygiene Essentials and Toiletries for Kids at Toy Kingdom

Teaching your child basic hygiene habits starts with a toiletry kit fully equipped with hygiene essentials. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, your kid needs to keep themselves clean at all times.

Complete all hygiene essentials for your kid with toiletries made for the young ones. Discover a collection of kids' essentials at Toy Kingdom! Shop by brand with our list of trusted brands such as Tiny Buds, Bite Block, Smart Steps, Smiles Organic and Natural, and more.

Toiletries to keep in your kid’s bag

Fill your child's bag with basic toiletries like oral care products including tooth gel and toothbrushes from Tiny Buds. 

Kids always tend to get their hands dirty when eating or playing. Kids should carry baby wipes or disinfectant alcohol in their bags when needed. Check out Cycles Sensitive Premium Wipes in our collection that is ideal for kids with sensitive skin.

Insect repellants that come in patches or lotion from Bite Block are easily available at Toy Kingdom. For kids who love the outdoors, sunscreen is a handy item to keep like the Beach Hut’s Kids Max 100++ SPF Clear Spray Sunscreen.

Sterilizers and purifier gadgets for kids

Aside from the usual toiletries, pocket UV sterilizers are another ideal solution to sterilize your kid’s items. UV Care offers a selection of DC Comics-themed pocket sterilizers available in stock. Our kids' essentials collection also features a range of air purifiers from brands like TruSens and Air Cleene that are safe for babies and kids aged 0 months to eight years and up.

You can score discounts on select kids' essential products from our collection. Shop all hygiene items and toiletries for kids at Toy Kingdom stores nationwide or online at