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We Bare Bears Igloo TentWe Bare Bears Igloo Tent
We Bare Bears Igloo Tent
Sale price P549.00
Save 15%
Spongebob Green Bubble MakerSpongebob Green Bubble Maker
Spongebob Green Bubble Maker
Sale price P58.65
Kiddie Bowling Toy PlaysetKiddie Bowling Toy Playset
Kiddie Bowling Toy Playset
Sale price P349.00
Save 15%
My Little Pony Rainbow Magic Bubble MakerMy Little Pony Rainbow Magic Bubble Maker
Monochrome Teepee TentMonochrome Teepee Tent
Monochrome Teepee Tent
Sale price P749.00
Far & Near Sport Super Real Action Crossbow SetFar & Near Sport Super Real Action Crossbow Set
Paradise 20 pcs Colored Plastic BallsParadise 20 pcs Colored Plastic Balls
Save 15%
My Little Pony Blue Bubble Sword Rainbow VibesMy Little Pony Blue Bubble Sword Rainbow Vibes
Save 15%
CKN Toys Bubble RacerCKN Toys Bubble Racer
CKN Toys Bubble Racer
Sale price P203.15
Save 15%
Transformers Blue Basketball PlaysetTransformers Blue Basketball Playset
Far & Near Sport Archery SetFar & Near Sport Archery Set
Far & Near Sport Archery Set
Sale price P999.75
Green Counting Jump RopeGreen Counting Jump Rope
Green Counting Jump Rope
Sale price P179.00
Red Foldable SlideRed Foldable Slide
Red Foldable Slide
Sale price P2,299.75
Pink/Purple Foldable Rocket SlidePink/Purple Foldable Rocket Slide
Pink/Purple Foldable Rocket Slide
Sale price P2,899.75
Mushroom Kiddie Play HouseMushroom Kiddie Play House
Mushroom Kiddie Play House
Sale price P12,999.75
Bestway 14 inch Air Hammer Inflation PumpBestway 14 inch Air Hammer Inflation Pump
MiDeer Kiwi Mini Spin Tops
MiDeer Kiwi Mini Spin Tops
Sale price P99.75
Save 15%
Spongebob Bowling PlaysetSpongebob Bowling Playset
Spongebob Bowling Playset
Sale price P339.15
Save 15%
CKN Toys Bubble MakerCKN Toys Bubble Maker
CKN Toys Bubble Maker
Sale price P203.15
Far & Near Swing SetFar & Near Swing Set
Far & Near Swing Set
Sale price P749.00
Yellow Counting Jump RopeYellow Counting Jump Rope
Yellow Counting Jump Rope
Sale price P179.00
X-SHOT Pressure Jet White/Green BlasterX-SHOT Pressure Jet White/Green Blaster

Browse All Sports & Outdoor Toys for Kids at Toy Kingdom

When we think about what makes childhood exciting and memorable, outdoor play comes first. Playing outdoors helps kids enjoy their natural environment and be more active, thus letting kids be the kids they are with lots of running and jumping around. Bring playtime outdoors at home by utilizing your spaces like the garden and back or front yard with sports and outdoor toys for kids. 

While outdoor play varies for children of different ages, there are endless options on how kids can enjoy the great outdoors. Look through hundreds of outdoor and sports equipment available at Toy Kingdom! Shop by categories of junior sports, playhouses, and water toys, or sort our collection by age and brands.

Active outdoor toys for kids

Kids are naturally active when outdoors. Let them play to their heart’s desires with exciting options on junior sports toys from Toy Kingdom. Boys will surely enjoy great play with a collection of sports toys like basketball from Spalding to boxing and bowling. Girls can pick from jump rope, hula hoop, and archery toys to get active. 

Playhouses, slides, swings, climbers

Having a dedicated outdoor area for your kids to play in is a fun addition to your home. Luckily, Toy Kingdom carries an assortment of playhouse equipment for kids that you can add to your activity park. 

Take a pick from a variety of slide and swing sets, kiddie playhouses, picnic table sets, tents, and more from our collection. There is an outdoor playhouse for kids with slides available in stock that includes a slide, swing, basketball, and golf for children aged one year and above. Experience the joys of camping even in the comfort of your own home with foldable igloo tents that come in My Little Pony and We Bare Bears designs.

Water toys and accessories

Summer is usually the time when kids are out to play and swim. For families that enjoy the waters and swimming, our collection covers a selection of outdoor water toys such as inflatable pools and floaties, children’s beach sand toys, and water guns to name a few.  

Brands like Intex, Jilong, and Bestway offer the best choices on inflatables of all shapes and sizes from rectangular and ring pools to inflation pumps and accessories that you can also bring to family beach getaways.

Shop all these outdoor toys and sports toys for kids at Toy Kingdom! Discover exclusive discounts and savings deals on select toys from our toy collection on sale.