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My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Rocking HorseMy Little Pony Rainbow Dash Rocking Horse
Teal Rocking Animal Ride-OnTeal Rocking Animal Ride-On
Teal Rocking Animal Ride-On
Sale price P1,449.00
Hippo Rider Kiddie Ride-onHippo Rider Kiddie Ride-on
Hippo Rider Kiddie Ride-on
Sale price P799.00
Croko Rider Kiddie Ride-OnCroko Rider Kiddie Ride-On
Croko Rider Kiddie Ride-On
Sale price P799.00
Police Patrol Kiddie Ride-OnPolice Patrol Kiddie Ride-On
Police Patrol Kiddie Ride-On
Sale price P799.00
Eezy Peezy Blue Super SpinnerEezy Peezy Blue Super Spinner
Eezy Peezy Blue Super Spinner
Sale price P2,199.00
JD Bug Classic 2 ScooterJD Bug Classic 2 Scooter
JD Bug Classic 2 Scooter
Sale price P3,699.00
JD Bug Blue Foldable ScooterJD Bug Blue Foldable Scooter
JD Bug Blue Foldable Scooter
Sale price P3,999.75
JD Bug Pink Kick ScooterJD Bug Pink Kick Scooter
JD Bug Pink Kick Scooter
Sale price P2,999.00
JD Bug Blue Kick ScooterJD Bug Blue Kick Scooter
JD Bug Blue Kick Scooter
Sale price P2,999.00
JD Bug Red Pro Stunt ScooterJD Bug Red Pro Stunt Scooter
JD Bug Red Pro Stunt Scooter
Sale price P4,999.75
JD Bug Black Deluxe ScooterJD Bug Black Deluxe Scooter
JD Bug Black Deluxe Scooter
Sale price P5,999.00
JD Bug Red Classic ScooterJD Bug Red Classic Scooter
JD Bug Red Classic Scooter
Sale price P2,999.00
Jdbug Scooter Classic 1 (Pink)Jdbug Scooter Classic 1 (Pink)
Jdbug Scooter Classic 1 (Pink)
Sale price P2,999.00
JD Bug Blue Classic ScooterJD Bug Blue Classic Scooter
JD Bug Blue Classic Scooter
Sale price P2,999.00
JD Bug Red Foldable ScooterJD Bug Red Foldable Scooter
JD Bug Red Foldable Scooter
Sale price P3,999.75
Traxx 2-Wheel ScooterTraxx 2-Wheel Scooter
Traxx 2-Wheel Scooter
Sale price P1,999.00
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Chien Ti White Rapid Ride-On CarChien Ti White Rapid Ride-On Car
Chien Ti White Rapid Ride-On Car
Sale price P8,400.00
Save 8%
Traxx Pink Tri-Wheel ScooterTraxx Pink Tri-Wheel Scooter
Traxx Pink Tri-Wheel Scooter
Sale price P2,300.00
Save 13%
Deck Genesis Red 16 inch BikeDeck Genesis Red 16 inch Bike
Deck Genesis Red 16 inch Bike
Sale price P3,900.00

Get the Best Deals on Riding Toys for Kids at Toy Kingdom

Riding toys, also known as ride-on, help develop a child’s balance, coordination, and motor skills. You can choose the type of kids’ ride based on what suits best for your child’s age, size, and interests—from push ride-on, foot-to-floor, pedal-powered toys, or motorized toys. 

If you are looking to buy energy-busting rides for your child, Toy Kingdom offers a huge collection of kids’ riding toys for young toddlers to kids eight years old and above. Search our catalog of bikes, trikes, wagons, rockers, skates, scooters, and rechargeable cars by price, age, brand, or category.

Kids’ rides on budget

For toddlers and young kids who are still unable to ride bikes, toy wagons and rockers are a great choice of riding toy. Our collection of push ride-on includes convertible or 3-in-1 baby rockers with tag alongs for ages one year and above. Twist cars and balance bikes are also ideal for outdoor and indoor play.

Toy Kingdom’s selection of bikes and trikes for kids features top picks from brands such as Kiddimoto, Deck Genesis, RUX, and more. Girls and boys can choose their bike units either with training wheels for starters or without training wheels. Each bike in our collection comes in a variety of designs suited for kids—and even adults, in sizes ranging from 12 to 26 inches.

Recommended for kids aged five years and up are foot-to-floor models like kids’ skateboards and scooters. Check out our selection for Disney, DC Comics, Barbie, and Hot Wheels designs made specifically for kids. Some models are equipped with lighting wheels or foldable features like Globber Elite’s scooters. 

Rechargeable toy cars and electric rides are also available in our collection of riding toys. Designed for older kids, motorized toys are miniature versions of stylish vehicles that kids will enjoy driving. 

Before letting your kid enjoy their ride, do not forget to equip them with protective gear and accessories like helmets, elbow pads, cycle gloves, and knee pads for safety.

Shop riding toys for kids at Toy Kingdom stores nationwide or online at Toykingdom.com.ph. Save on select discounted toys from our collection to get the best value on top-quality riding toys for kids!