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ABS-CBN Hero City Kids Force TambourineABS-CBN Hero City Kids Force Tambourine
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Peppa Pig Rattle BallPeppa Pig Rattle Ball
Peppa Pig Rattle Ball
Sale price P269.10
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Peppa Pig Rattle and Teether SetPeppa Pig Rattle and Teether Set
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Peppa Pig Roly Poly Bell ToyPeppa Pig Roly Poly Bell Toy
Peppa Pig Roly Poly Bell Toy
Sale price P521.10
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Peppa Pig Rattle Swing ToyPeppa Pig Rattle Swing Toy
Peppa Pig Rattle Swing Toy
Sale price P296.10
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KidShop Happy Dog Piano/Xylophone 2-in-1 Musical ToyKidShop Happy Dog Piano/Xylophone 2-in-1 Musical Toy
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KidShop Xylophone BusKidShop Xylophone Bus
KidShop Xylophone Bus
Sale price P404.10
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KidShop Blue XylophoneKidShop Blue Xylophone
KidShop Blue Xylophone
Sale price P269.10
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KidShop Red XylophoneKidShop Red Xylophone
KidShop Red Xylophone
Sale price P269.10
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KidShop Red Fun XylophoneKidShop Red Fun Xylophone
KidShop Red Fun Xylophone
Sale price P359.10
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KidShop Blue Fun XylophoneKidShop Blue Fun Xylophone
KidShop Blue Fun Xylophone
Sale price P359.10
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KidShop Blue Whale XylophoneKidShop Blue Whale Xylophone
KidShop Blue Whale Xylophone
Sale price P395.10
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KidShop Fun 'n Learn Pink XylophoneKidShop Fun 'n Learn Pink Xylophone
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My Little Pony Piano XylophoneMy Little Pony Piano Xylophone
My Little Pony Piano Xylophone
Sale price P476.10
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Blippi Xylophone Musical ToyBlippi Xylophone Musical Toy
Blippi Xylophone Musical Toy
Sale price P494.10
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Cocomelon Musical Cash Register PlaysetCocomelon Musical Cash Register Playset
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Cocomelon Dance & Play BoomboxCocomelon Dance & Play Boombox
Cocomelon Dance & Play Boombox
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Cocomelon Ukulele Musical InstrumentCocomelon Ukulele Musical Instrument
Janod Confetti Harmonica Musical ToyJanod Confetti Harmonica Musical Toy
Janod Pure Musical TableJanod Pure Musical Table
Janod Pure Musical Table
Sale price P1,999.00

Tune Up Playtime with Musical Toys for Infants and Toddlers from Toy Kingdom

Children and music are always woven together. While music is instinctively used to calm and soothe babies, it can also bring development benefits to children of all ages. 

As a parent, building musical experiences for your kid as early as possible was proven to have a beneficial impact on the child’s early education. That is where musical educational toys come into play. 

Give your baby a fun musical time with musical toys available at Toy Kingdom! We have a selection of musical instrument toys for kids of all ages to have them start a passion for music as early as possible!

Baby musical toys

Infants can already recognize a melody. Start introducing music to your baby by playing quiet background music or short, simple songs while bathing, dressing, or eating. 

Check out baby musical toys that relax your baby such as WinFun’s 2-in-1 Melody Fun Arch, a perfect choice for 0 to 5 months old babies. This 2-in-1 stroller arch toy and mobile feature an LED night light that plays soothing melodies with a teether and soft toys that encourage reaching and grasping.

If you are looking for a birthday gift for your baby, the Halilit Baby's 1st Birthday Band Toy is an excellent choice. This unique child-friendly set includes an assortment of instruments that the baby can play music with their tiny hands.

Children's musical toys

Toddlers and preschoolers enjoy music. It is the stage where they get to dance to music and sing. Help your toddler develop motor and auditory skills through music with musical instrument toys.

This toy is a great way to familiarize your kids with musical instruments. You can even choose other available musical instrument toys from Infunbebe such as xylophone, saxophone, trumpet, and more!

There are plenty of musical toy choices in stock at Toy Kingdom. Find top baby toy brands such as Kidshop, Winfun, Infunbebe, Halilit, Fisher-Price, and more! Discounts and deals are available on select musical toys for infants and toddlers. 

Shop now at the nearest Toy Kingdom store or visit for hassle-free shopping!