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Play 'n Cook Kitchen PlaysetPlay 'n Cook Kitchen Playset
Play 'n Cook Kitchen Playset
Sale price P699.00
Disney Cars Garage Workstation PlaysetDisney Cars Garage Workstation Playset
Save 10%
KidShop Pink MP3 MicrophoneKidShop Pink MP3 Microphone
KidShop Pink MP3 Microphone
Sale price P449.10
Disney Frozen Frozen 2 Make Up Set SuitcaseDisney Frozen Frozen 2 Make Up Set Suitcase
Save 10%
Play-Doh Cash Register PlaysetPlay-Doh Cash Register Playset
Play-Doh Cash Register Playset
Sale price P1,079.10
Puella Kitchen Playset 2.0Puella Kitchen Playset 2.0
Puella Kitchen Playset 2.0
Sale price P899.75
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Hape Checkout RegisterHape Checkout Register
Hape Checkout Register
Sale price P1,619.10
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Melissa & Doug Let's Play House! Dust, Sweep and Mop
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Nostalgia 50s Style Snow Cone MakerNostalgia 50s Style Snow Cone Maker
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KidShop 3-in-1 Vanity PlaysetKidShop 3-in-1 Vanity Playset
KidShop 3-in-1 Vanity Playset
Sale price P1,124.10
Disney Mickey Mouse Tableware SuitcaseDisney Mickey Mouse Tableware Suitcase
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Melissa & Doug Wooden Birthday Cake PlaysetMelissa & Doug Wooden Birthday Cake Playset
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Barbie BB394 Role Play Tea SetBarbie BB394 Role Play Tea Set
Barbie BB394 Role Play Tea Set
Sale price P370.00
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Nostalgia Retro Series Cupcake Maker KitNostalgia Retro Series Cupcake Maker Kit
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KidShop 3-in-1 Kitchen PlaysetKidShop 3-in-1 Kitchen Playset
KidShop 3-in-1 Kitchen Playset
Sale price P1,124.10
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Barbie Career Chelsea Dog Trainer PlaysetBarbie Career Chelsea Dog Trainer Playset
Black & Decker 34 pcs DIY Tool BoxBlack & Decker 34 pcs DIY Tool Box
Black & Decker 34 pcs DIY Tool Box
Sale price P1,199.00
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KidShop Tasty Shop Fries Food and Accessory PlaysetKidShop Tasty Shop Fries Food and Accessory Playset
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Barbie B594 Role Play Tea SetBarbie B594 Role Play Tea Set
Barbie B594 Role Play Tea Set
Sale price P335.00
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Barbie BB493 Role Play Tea SetBarbie BB493 Role Play Tea Set
Barbie BB493 Role Play Tea Set
Sale price P370.00
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Nostalgia Breakfast Sandwich MakerNostalgia Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Nostalgia Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Sale price P2,159.78
Save 40%
Melissa & Doug Let's Play House! Fridge FillersMelissa & Doug Let's Play House! Fridge Fillers

Score Best Kids' Role-Play and Career Toys at the Toy Kingdom

Role-play and career toys play a huge role in expressing a child's imagination. It lets them act out the jobs they see in real life, discover the world, and develop social skills through fun play. A bonus is that it can eventually help kids choose the career they want in the future! You can discover a range of children’s role-play toys for boys and girls of all ages at the Toy Kingdom!

Children's role-play toys

A toy checkout register is one of the classic toys that every kid dreams to own. Hearing the "ka-ching" in every punch is only exciting for children, but checkout register toys also help develop their social skills. The Hape Checkout Register is a great choice for kids who love to pretend play as a cashier. To fully immerse kids in the cashier role, this pretend play toy comes with a bar code scanner, card reader, play cash, coins, and credit cards.

If your little girl loves Barbie, the Chelsea Career Playset is the perfect pretend play set for them! Let kids choose, try, and collect career-themed dolls from the pilot, doctor, rock star, chef, or teacher roles. Each doll set comes with clothes and accessories related to its role theme, making playing and storytelling more fun!

In contrast to dolls, boys’ play role toys are not only limited to playing police or chefs. They can also play with a unique workstation like the Disney Cars Garage Workstation! This tool table set is best for boys aged 3-years old and above, complete with screwdrivers and hammers. 

Adorable pet care playsets make an amazing gift for young animal lovers. The Similan Pet Care Playset allows kids to have fun taking care of their toy pets while being imaginative and creative. Choose from available variations such as cat, bunny, chick, and puppy.

All play tools are designed to improve your child’s imagination, hand-eye coordination, and sensory and cognitive ability. Get all these career toys and more only at the Toy Kingdom! Score the best prices on select toys when you shop now at Toy Kingdom stores or online via