Electronic Learning Toys

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy's Music PlayerFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy's Music Player
Fisher-Price Sensimals Gift SetFisher-Price Sensimals Gift Set
Fisher-Price Sensimals Gift Set
Sale price P1,299.00
WinFun Jungle Animals Sensory BookWinFun Jungle Animals Sensory Book
Apolo Wobble Wobble Owlet PurpleApolo Wobble Wobble Owlet Purple
Apolo Wobble Wobble Owlet GreenApolo Wobble Wobble Owlet Green
Apolo Wobble Wobble Owlet Green
Sale price P249.00
Apolo Wobble Wobble Duckling YellowApolo Wobble Wobble Duckling Yellow
Apolo Wobble Wobble Duckling PinkApolo Wobble Wobble Duckling Pink
Apolo Wobble Wobble Chick WhiteApolo Wobble Wobble Chick White
Apolo Wobble Wobble Chick White
Sale price P249.00
Apolo Wobble Wobble Chick BrownApolo Wobble Wobble Chick Brown
Apolo Wobble Wobble Chick Brown
Sale price P249.00
WinFun Baby Maestro Touch GuitarWinFun Baby Maestro Touch Guitar
WinFun Baby Maestro Touch Guitar
Sale price P1,499.00
WinFun Giggle And Learn Electronic Shape SorterWinFun Giggle And Learn Electronic Shape Sorter
WinFun I-Fun Alphabetic Learning PadWinFun I-Fun Alphabetic Learning Pad
WinFun Jungle Learning BoardWinFun Jungle Learning Board
WinFun Jungle Learning Board
Sale price P899.00
WinFun Lights N Sounds Sorter Tree HouseWinFun Lights N Sounds Sorter Tree House
WinFun Little Rock Star GuitarWinFun Little Rock Star Guitar
WinFun Little Rock Star Guitar
Sale price P1,199.00
WinFun Magic Lights DJ MixerWinFun Magic Lights DJ Mixer
WinFun Magic Lights DJ Mixer
Sale price P1,199.00
WinFun My First Baby Selfie PhoneWinFun My First Baby Selfie Phone
WinFun Jungle Friends Spinning TreeWinFun Jungle Friends Spinning Tree
WinFun Fun Sounds SmartphoneWinFun Fun Sounds Smartphone
WinFun Fun Sounds Smartphone
Sale price P899.00
WinFun Animal Sounds Bus Musical ToyWinFun Animal Sounds Bus Musical Toy
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Cocomelon Learning Steering WheelCocomelon Learning Steering Wheel
Cocomelon Learning Steering Wheel
Sale price P1,800.00

The Modern Learner: Electronic Learning Toys

The digital age has brought many changes to the way we learn. We are no longer limited to just one device while learning. These days, kids can play games, and use apps, and other devices as learning toys for kids. To help you decide which ones are worth buying for their kids, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite electronic learning toys that your kids will want to play with and not just watch from the sidelines! 

Learning With Gadgets Is the Way to Go

Kids today are more interested in technology than ever before. With the rise of smart home devices and the internet, learning is no longer a two-step process. Kids can learn at their own pace with the help of electronic learning devices.

Electronic Educational Toys

Some of the best electronic learning toys for kids these days come with built-in educational software. These can help your child learn the alphabet and numbers, and even improve their reading and writing.

Games are a great way to keep your child’s attention too. Kids can now play games with tech toys like VTech My Laptop. It is a clever way to keep children engaged, attentive, and having fun while learning. This electronic toy helps teach children to count their age and explore shapes and numbers at an early age.

There are also a lot of other available options for electronic learning games that you can find in our collection from brands such as WinFun, Fisher-Price, Chicco, and more.

Educational Games for Kids

Through electronic educational toys and children's electronic learning devices, your little learners are more inclined to absorb what they fix their attention into. These types of toys are best for babies two years old and up, the stage where they start developing their cognitive skills. 

These games are designed to engage children in activities that help them to understand the world around them. By playing electronic learning games, children can develop problem-solving and reasoning skills as well as social skills.

Get your kids excited to learn and play with Toy Kingdom's electronic phonics toys. Shop and enjoy freebies for every purchase you make at toykingdom.com.ph. Discover our latest toy collections and get a chance to avail of them ahead of others. Shop now!