Toy Kingdom Amazing Card Member

Discover amazing surprises and treats with the TK (Toy Kingdom) Amazing Card. Members get to earn reward points, get big savings and enjoy freebies. The more points you earn, the more toys you get!

  1. Avail of the Toy Kingdom Amazing kit at any Toy Kingdom mall branch for only P150.00
  2. Fill up the Membership Application Form included in the kit and submit to the customer service counter.
  3. Submit it to the Customer Service counter of any Toy Kingdom branch within 30 days of purchasing the Toy Kingdom Amazing Kit.
  4. Get your card upon submission of payment and filled up form.  

Ways to Earn Points

You can earn reward points by presenting your TK Amazing Card to the cashier at the start of any purchase transaction in any Toy Kingdom store.
Standard redemption of one (1) point is P1.00 for every P100. Even if you spend less than P100, you will still earn a fraction of a point.
You will need to present your TK Amazing Card at the point of purchase in order to earn a point.

Perks & Privileges

Aside from reward points that you earn every time you shop, you are entitled to exclusive privileges throughout the duration of your membership. Simply present your TK Amazing Card to avail of these privileges.
Moreover, as a welcome gift, Toy Kingdom is giving you a set of coupons worth over P5,000.00 of in-store promos and savings.


There are exciting promo all year round, including discounts, gifts, bonus points and raffle prizes - exclusively for Toy Kingdom Amazing members.

Bonus Points

Watch out for announcements on how to earn additional points when you shop during red letter days such as TK Amazing Day, or when you buy certain items in Toy Kingdom.

Get'em here first

  • VIP Invites to meet-and-greet and product launches
  • Exclusive access to sale events, in-store activities and parties
  • First to view exclusives and and new arrivals

Lost or Defective Card

Kindly get in touch or contact any of the following TK Amazing Touchpoints

  • Customer Service Counter

    Located at Toy Kingdom branches nationwide

  • Customer Service Hotline

    833-8888 (Metro Manila) 1-800-1288-7622(Outside Metro Manila)

  • Website

  • Email Address


Check Points

To check your Toy Kingdom Amazing Card points, proceed to the Customer Service Counter located in Toy Kingdom branches nationwide.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions stated herein governs and provides for guidelines in the issuance, use, cancellation and renewal of International Toy World, Inc.’s (herein referred to as “ITWI” or “Toy Kingdom”) Toy Kingdom Amazing Card (herein referred to as “TKAC” or “Membership Card). The terms shall also define the rights and obligations of the Member (herein referred to as the “Member”) and how Toy Kingdom its Service Group (consisting of ITWI’s officers, employees, parent company, affiliates, agents and authorized service providers) will collect, use or otherwise process the Member’s personal data in accordance with the membership program. Submission of the application form for TKAC membership shall be construed as acknowledgment that the Member has read and understood Toy Kingdom’s Policies, TKAC Terms & Conditions and that the Member agrees to be bound by the same upon signing of the Membership Application Form, whether the same was filled-up manually or electronically.


  1. Toy Kingdom Amazing Card Program Membership
  •   Membership is valid for two (2) years from date of application. Membership must be renewed before expiration in order for members to continue enjoying the benefits of the TKAC program. All unused points will be carried over to the new card if the membership is renewed within ninety (90) days from the card's expiration date. Otherwise, all remaining points will be forfeited.• Toy Kingdom requests the Member to provide personal data which shall be used to render the Member services in line with the TKAC Membership Program such as providing information on the promotions of the Company, account/membership management, direct marketing, data analytics among others.  Please refer to Section VI for more information on Toy Kingdom’s data processing policies for Member’s personal data in line with the TKAC Membership Program and to for the Privacy Policy of the ITWI.• Member’s consent to the collection, use, processing, sharing of his/her personal data by Toy Kingdom and its Service Group has been obtained at the time the application form for TKAC Membership was submitted to the Company and/or its authorized representatives. Continued use of the TKAC and participation in the Membership Program shall be construed as an affirmation of the consent provided by the Member. • The Member agrees to receive verbal, written or electronic communications from the Company and/or its Service Group.• Toy Kingdom reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to cancel the Membership Card of any individual and all Awards and Privileges that go with the said membership.• Membership will terminate automatically and all awards and privileges void upon the death of the Member.

  1. Use of the Toy Kingdom Amazing Card•  The TKAC Membership Card is and shall remain the property of Toy Kingdom and must be returned on demand.•  The Membership Card is not transferable in any circumstance, and is valid for use only by the

Member who must present it when conducting any transaction.•  The Member may not use this Card to earn points from transaction of other customers.• The Membership Card may not be used, and TKAC Points will not be issued, at the time of purchase and/or activity that is identified by Toy Kingdom program partner as not eligible for earning TKAC points.• In case of lost or damaged Membership Card, the Membership Card maybe replaced by Toy Kingdom following the guidelines stated in the TKAC Member's Application Form or in any subsequent applicable rules or guidelines. The Member agrees to immediately report the said incident in writing or by calling the SM Advantage Hotline number immediately to report the lost Membership Card. Toy Kingdom should not be held liable for a Member's lost or redeemed TKAC Points whether or not the Member immediately reported the lost or damaged TKAC Membership Card.

III.   Earning and Redemption of Toy Kingdom Amazing Card Points
• Guidelines, promotion offerings, and venues for earning TKAC Points are described in the TKAC Member's Application or in any subsequent applicable rules or guidelines. Toy Kingdom and its Service Group reserve the right at all times to make any changes to any such rules/ offerings in its sole discretion.• TKAC Points accrued by any Member do not constitute the property of the Member and have no cash or monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.• TKAC Points cannot be earned for Value Added Tax, other government charges and service charges.• Toy Kingdom reserves the right to make adjustments on earned or accrued points as it sees fit including, but no limited to, deduction of points arising from returned goods or services purchased from its Service Group or form disputes.• It is the responsibility of the Member to keep transaction receipts, which may be required in case of request for points verification by the Member.• Employees of Toy Kingdom and its Service Group are subject to their employer's policy on the earning of TKAC Points from purchases from their respective employers.• For the redemption of TKAC Points, those points reflected in Toy Kingdom records shall be deemed correct and Toy Kingdom has the exclusive right to determine the available amount of points to be awarded to or redeemed by the Member.• Redeemed Awards or Privileges are not exchangeable for other Awards or Privileges, or refundable, replaceable, or be sold or transferred for cash or credit, under any circumstances.• By redeeming points for Award or Privileges, the Member releases Toy Kingdom and its Service Group, as well as the directors and officers of Toy Kingdom and such entities, from any and all liability to the Member regarding the use, process and redemption of the points and on the issuance and usage of said Awards or Privileges. Points redeemed may no longer be changed, revoked, or cancelled.• Toy Kingdom will bear no responsibility for resolving any disputes concerning any goods or services received by the member. • Each individual Redemption Partner's return and exchange policy will apply on redeemed awards.• Information acquired during issuance and redemption of points may be used by Toy Kingdom and its Service Group for administrative and for the purpose of conducting marketing and customer analytics.


  1. Changes to the Toy Kingdom Amazing Card Program
    • The Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines cannot be superseded or changed except by Toy Kingdom. Toy Kingdom shall use reasonable endeavors to provide members with accurate and timely information regarding the Toy Kingdom Amazing card program including any changes thereof; however, Toy Kingdom and its Service Group shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so.• Toy kingdom is not liable for any Award or Privileges not being available or being withdrawn for any reason whatsoever by any of its Service group.• Toy Kingdom reserves the right at all times, without notice and its sole discretion;• To make any changes whatsoever to these terms and Conditions including the rules and guidelines in the Member's Application Form.• To withdraw, cancel, withhold, substitute, deny access to or use of, or in any way change any of the Awards or privileges previously advertised or offered, to any member, at any time, without prior notice, and toy kingdom will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the member resulting from such withdrawal, cancellation, variation or change.• To terminate or materially alter Toy Kingdom Amazing Card Program and/or revoke membership of any member and/or the right of any member to use the

Membership card to utilize any awards or privileges.

  1. Breach of Terms and Conditions• It is a breach of these terms and Conditions for any member in the reasonable opinion of Toy Kingdom to abuse any awards, privileges, facilities, services, or arrangements accorded to the member as a result of Membership in TKAC program; or act in any fraudulent manner or in any way which is likely to be detrimental to the interest of Toy Kingdom, or TKAC Program or its Service Group, supply or attempt to supply misleading information, or make any misinterpretation to Toy kingdom or its service group; or act in any way which in Toy kingdom's reasonable opinion breaches or is likely to breach these Terms and Condition. Toy Kingdom's decision as to what constitutes a breach shall be final and conclusive.• Any breach of Terms and Conditions whether intentional or otherwise may result in termination of membership forfeiture of issued TKAC Points, and cancellation of Awards or Privileges at the sole discretion of Toy Kingdom. Eligibility for future or further participation in the Toy Kingdom Amazing Card program shall likewise be affected.• In the event of termination, all Toy Kingdom Amazing Card Points, awards or privileges that may have been earned or accrued by the member will also be terminated, and these may not be sold, assigned or transferred or otherwise redeemed. Toy Kingdom and its service group shall in no way be liable for any TKAC points, awards or privileges of a terminated member.


  1. General
    • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.• All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for membership in Toy Kingdom Amazing Card or eligibility for accrual or redemption of Awards or privileges will be resolved by Toy Kingdom at its sole discretion.• Failure of Toy Kingdom to enforce a particular Term or Condition or Guideline does not constitute a waiver or that Term or Condition or Guideline.• Toy Kingdom is not the supplier of the products and services shown as awards or privileges and will not accept liability in relation thereto.• The member is solely responsible for the use of any award or privilege; whether the awards or privileges is used by the member or by a third party.• The member is personally liable for any costs, charges, claims or liabilities including duties, taxes, and fess from third parties, government and non-government entities of whatever nature arising from the use of any awards or privileges, as provided by TKAC Card and the earning, redemption or use of any award or privileges.• The member hereby understands and agrees that the successful operation of TKAC card is based on the cooperative interaction among Toy Kingdom, the members, and Toy Kingdom's Service Group. The member also hereby understands and agrees that proper implementation of the terms and conditions between Toy Kingdom and the member is closely related and/or intertwined with the proper implementation of the Partner Agreement and/or Loyalty marketing agreement between Toy Kingdom and each of its service group• Toy Kingdom TKAC Card, in its sole direction, may appoint any group from its service group to process data and undertake some part or all parts of the Toy Kingdom Amazing Card program on its behalf in this situation, the reference to TKAC program in the terms and conditions shall automatically include such service group.


VII. Data Privacy and Consent
• Toy Kingdom values its Members’ right to privacy and is committed to protect the personal data of its Members. The Company is committed to comply with Republic Act No. 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012) and its implementing rules and regulations, including the pertinent issuances of the National Privacy Commission. This section describes how Toy Kingdom and its Service Group, as defined above, will collect, use, process and share all personal data shared with the Company in line with the TKAC Membership Program. The parties agree to be bound by the provisions of this Article.• CONSENT: By signing the application form or, in the case of online or electronic processes, by clicking the applicable icon or button, the member signifies that he/she has read and understood herein Terms and Conditions & Data Privacy Policy of  Toy Kingdom ( and hereby gives his/her informed consent to Toy Kingdom and its Service Group, to collect, use, store, access, share, process, and/or destroy copies of Member's personal data supplied in the application form, including any updates or corrections thereto, whether manually or electronically, for the period allowed under the applicable law and regulations, for purposes of loyalty program account management, direct marketing, data analytics, commercial or administrative announcements relating to the loyalty program related to system enhancements, updates, discounts, sales and marketing promotions  and such offers that Toy Kingdom may deem beneficial to the Member.  The Member understands that should he/she be chosen as a winner in ToyKingdom’s contests and/or promotional campaigns or automated electronic draws, his or her name may be published in social media sites or in such media which ToyKingdom may deem proper to comply with requirements of regulatory agencies.• PURPOSES OF PROCESSING: The Member’s Personal Data may be processed for any of the following reasons necessarily related to its membership with the TKAC Program: a. administration of loyalty program, account management and maintenance, such as but not limited to system enhancements; b. direct marketing; c. data analytics; d. administrative or commercial announcements/information;  f. administration of discounts, sales and marketing promotions/activities, including such offers which may be beneficial to the Member; 
ToyKingdom’s Privacy Policy may be viewed at  
• Each member is obligated to keep his/her information or personal data file up-to-date and correct. Amendments, corrections or any other changes in the Member’s personal data may be coursed through or requested through the following; TKAC hotline: 833-8888;.
Member understands that Toy Kingdom shall not be liable for loss or damages which may arise from Member’s failure to keep his/her records updated and correct.
• Toy Kingdom reserves the right to store personal data of its members where Toy Kingdom considers it necessary or appropriate for the period allowed under the applicable laws and regulations.• Member agrees to receive verbal, written, or electronic communications from Toy Kingdom or its Service Group.• The Member is aware of the rights of a Data Subject under the Data Privacy Act 2012. Pursuant to said rights, the Data Subject may request access and correct the personal data provided by him/her to Toy Kingdom.  Although the Member has the right to object to the processing of his/her information, it is hereby understood that Toy Kingdom may continue to collect and process the Member’s personal data when the purpose of processing is mandated by law or regulations issued by competent authority or when it is necessary for the performance of or in relation to a contract. • Inquiries or questions relating to the rights of the data subject or on the processing of the Member’s personal data may be sent to:

To: The Data Protection Officer

Company: International Toyworld, Inc.

Address: SM Corporate Offices, Bldg. B, J.W. Diokno Blvd.,Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, Philippines 1300

Email: Contact Number: (632) 917-4300

Toy Kingdom reserves the right to amend or modify this Policy, as may be needed, to comply with the mandate of the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173, hereinafter “DPA”) and other relevant laws, rules and regulations. All changes or modifications on the Policy or terms and conditions of membership shall be posted at for your guidance.