6 Fun Group Card and Board Games for Game Night

Hey, game night crew! Have you noticed how board and card games have made a roaring comeback? Gone are the days of just dusting off old classics. Now, we've got a wild array of options for board and card games to play with friends and family. 

Whether you're into indoor group games, sneaky strategy, or just good ol' fashioned fun, Toy Kingdom’s got your back. So, gather your pals and check our list of fun group games for adults and family board games! 

Herd Mentality

6 Fun Group Card and Board Games for Game Night

Step into the pasture of play with Herd Mentality, an addicting yet competitive family board game where collective farmyard brainpower reigns supreme. The ultimate goal of this game is to think like everyone else. 

Answer simple questions, write your answer, and if you’ve got the same answer as the majority, you win cows! It may sound simple enough but wait until the mind games start. Gather 4 to 20 players to play this fun deduction game with laughter and light-hearted competition. 

The Awkward Yeti Presents: Organ Attack Game

6 Fun Group Card and Board Games for Game Night

Prepare for a gut-busting journey through the human body with The Awkward Yeti Presents: Organ Attack Game, where strategic organ harvesting meets hilarious survival tactics. Ideal for family game nights, this card game promises a grotesquely delightful experience for everyone!

Whether it's a rainy day indoors, bonding with friends, or an educational moment in disguise, the Organ Attack game offers laughter-filled entertainment suitable for parties. You don’t need medical knowledge to play this game. This card game needs 2 to 5 players competing to remove each other’s ‘organs’. The last player standing with at least one organ in their hand wins the game!

Politricks The Re-Election Second Edition Card Game

6 Fun Group Card and Board Games for Game Night

Get into the political fray with the Politricks card game, a locally-made card game taking inspiration from the traditional politics in the Philippines. The objective of the game? You and your friends play as dirty politicians trying to win the elections at all costs. 

Join a fast-paced gameplay where you bribe your way to the top, spread fake news to ruin your opponents, and build alliances to win the most votes. Play with 2 to 5 players in a quick 15-minute Politricks game. This card game is ideal for millennials to play during party nights or as an educational satire with lots of laughter and bonding over politics.

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AEG Games Point Salad

6 Fun Group Card and Board Games for Game Night

Explore the colorful excitement of AEG Games' Point Salad! It’s a super fun game where the thrill of card-drafting and tableau-building creates endless veggie-scoring adventure. Point Salad is perfect for chill family game nights or fun get-togethers with friends. 

This card game accommodates 2 to 6 players, so it’s great for various group sizes. Players draft cards to create unique point-scoring combinations of veggies in their ‘salad’. The player with the most points wins!

Point Salad guarantees a colorful and vibrant game, which adds to the overall engaging and dynamic experience. 


6 Fun Group Card and Board Games for Game Night

Embark on an epic journey with Catan, where strategy meets fortune on a vibrant, ever-changing isle. Suitable for friends and family, this game invites you to build, trade, and settle your way to victory!

Compete with your opponents to gather resources, trade, and build settlements on the island of Catan. Earn 10 victory points and you’re the winner of the game!

With a dynamic board that ensures every game is unique, Catan can accommodate larger groups with up to 6 players. From casual family nights to competitive gatherings, get ready for lots of strategic thinking, social interaction, and endless play with the Catan board game.

Ticket to Ride Europe

6 Fun Group Card and Board Games for Game Night

Experience a deluxe European journey with the Ticket to Ride board game! This beloved train board game promises a nostalgic railway adventure for game night with friends. Featuring a grand board map of routes, collectible tin boxes, vibrant train stations, and a suite of components, the European edition of this game elevates the traditional gameplay experience. 

Perfect for families, friends, and enthusiasts, it transforms your table into a competitive railroad battlefield. Claim train routes on the board and collect the most victory points to win the game. With its blend of fun and education, this board game offers fun play value as players connect distant cities through careful planning and tactical maneuvers to emerge victorious.

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Playing board and card games with friends isn't just a blast—it sharpens wits, fosters bonds, and ignites laughter. At Toy Kingdom, we've curated a treasure trove of games that promise unforgettable nights for grown-ups and groups alike. 

Craving strategy, giggles, or a dash of competition? Your perfect game awaits! Visit the nearest Toy Kingdom store or browse our board and card games online. Your next game night champion title could be just a play away!