How to Play Clue Board Game: Solve the Mystery & Win!

A grand mansion, a murder, and a handful of sly suspects each with secrets to hide. That’s what you’re in for with the classic Clue board game! Clue, also called Cluedo, is a thrilling murder mystery board game where six players play to find out who killed Mr. Boddy Black, where he was killed in the mansion, and what murder weapon was used. 

Are you ready to become the detective, sift through the evidence, and crack the case? Let’s dive into Clue’s board game rules and learn how to win this classic board game.

How to Play Clue Board Game: Solve the Mystery & Win!

Hasbro Gaming Clue The Classic Mystery Game

What’s in the Box?

  • Mansion Gameboard: Embark on your mystery-solving adventure with the classic mansion on one side and an exciting boardwalk on the other.
  • Yellow Murder Envelope: The heart of the mystery holds the secrets—who, where, and with what crime was committed?
  • Detective Notepad: Keep track of your hunches and the evidence you gather with your personal notepad.
  • 6 Clue Board Game Character Tokens: These tokens are your game avatars, representing the suspects. They are Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Reverend Green, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum. 
  • 6 Weapon Tokens: Identify the murder weapon with one of these tokens: rope, dagger, wrench, pistol, candlestick, and lead pipe.
  • 21 Black CLUEDO Cards: Your clues lie within the six suspect cards, nine room cards, and six weapon cards.
  • 13 Red Bonus Cards: Newer editions of the Clue detective board game include these bonus cards to spice up the game.
  • Dice: Roll these for character movement and actions.
  • Game Guide: Don't play blindfolded! The included rulebook is your step-by-step guide into the Clue universe.

Setting Up the Game Board

To start the game, put the character tokens in their named spaces. Every player will choose their character piece. Place the weapon tokens in separate random rooms. 

Next, shuffle the Clue cards and leave them facedown near the board. Move on to the black cards and sort them into three decks: weapon, suspect, and room. Draw the top card from each deck (one weapon card, one suspect card, and one room card) and place them inside the murder envelope away from prying eyes. 

Shuffle all the remaining black cards and distribute them facedown among the players. They will form your initial hand.

Each player should have one sheet from the detective notepad and a pen. Use it to secretly mark off the suspects, weapons, and rooms in your hands. 

If you have bonus cards and want to play them, place them face-up next to the board. These cards can be used when a player lands on a space marked with a red ‘?’ symbol. 

How to Play Clue Board Game: Solve the Mystery & Win!

The Objective 

In this mystery board game, players aim to solve the murder of Ms. Boddy. Find out who’s the culprit, where the crime was located, and what murder weapon. As one of six characters, you move through a mansion-based board, gathering hints from others to crack the case.

Making Your Move

All players will roll the dice to determine who moves first. The player with the highest number takes the first turn and the game moves clockwise. On your turn, you may move your token to enter a room either by rolling the dice or, if you’re in a corner room, using a Secret Passage: 

  • Rolling the dice

Try to reach different rooms in the mansion by rolling the two dice. Move your token horizontally or vertically, forward or backward, but not diagonally. You can change directions as many times as your roll will allow. 

However, you cannot enter the same square twice on the same turn. You also cannot enter or land on a square that’s already occupied by another suspect.

  • Using Secret Passages

There are rooms on the board that are connected by Secret Passages. You can use it instead of rolling the dice to move your token to the opposite corner of the room you’re in. Simply announce that you’ll use the secret passage, then move your token to the room in the opposite corner.

 This swift move lets you make a quick suggestion, ending your turn. Beware, secret passages can't be used outside special rooms. Use them wisely—they could lead to uncovering the hidden offender.

Suggesting a Suspect

When entering a room, you must stop and ask a Clue question. Try to determine the three cards inside the murder envelope by asking a question about the Suspect, the Weapon, and the Room you just entered. Don’t forget to bring the suspect and weapon’s token with you when you ask the Clue question.

After you propose a suspect, the next player on your left has to show you a card to prove your guess wrong. This card must be either the suspect, the weapon used, or the room where the room the crime took place. If so, they can only reveal one card to you, keeping it hidden from everyone else. 

Watch carefully to see who can or cannot show a card. This helps you narrow suspects, leading you closer to the solution. If no one can disprove you, you've successfully ruled out three options.

If they can't show a card, the task moves to the next person on the left. Each player gets a turn to answer your question by secretly showing a card that contradicts it.

Whenever a card is shown, cross it out in your detective notebook to narrow the possibilities. Remember, your notebook is for your eyes only, and no one else should peek at it!

Leave the character and weapon token you moved where they are as you end your turn. 

How to Win: Making an Accusation

When you've ruled out wrong leads and none of your ideas have been challenged, you're prepared to make your final accusation. This step differs from proposing a suspect. Once you're sure you've cracked the case, announce your accusation during your turn.

Declare who you think is the murderer, the weapon used, and the scene of the crime—these should match the cards in the secret envelope. Without letting anyone else see, check the cards inside the murder envelope. 

Got a correct guess? It’s time to reveal the cards to everyone, showcasing your victory!

However, if you guessed wrong, you are out of the game. You must silently return the cards to the envelope, keeping them a secret until the game ends. If everyone but one person makes a wrong accusation, the remaining player automatically wins the Clue board game!

Play Clue Now!

Play with your friends and family and use this guide to win! Remember, the cornerstone of winning this Clue game lies in strategic questioning and keen observation.

Ready to step into the mystery? Let's get into Clue murder mystery board game, and be the ones to solve the curious case of who, with what, and where!

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