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Barbie Brunette Soccer DollBarbie Brunette Soccer Doll
Barbie Brunette Soccer Doll
Sale price P800.00
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Barbie Career Chelsea Dog Trainer PlaysetBarbie Career Chelsea Dog Trainer Playset
Barbie Career Park RangerBarbie Career Park Ranger
Barbie Career Park Ranger
Sale price P899.00
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Barbie Career Stacie Space Room PlaysetBarbie Career Stacie Space Room Playset
Barbie Dreamtopia Purple Hair Princess DollBarbie Dreamtopia Purple Hair Princess Doll
Barbie Estate Dreamcamper PlaysetBarbie Estate Dreamcamper Playset
Barbie Estate Dreamcamper Playset
Sale price P10,999.00
Barbie Estate Dreamhouse PlaysetBarbie Estate Dreamhouse Playset
Barbie Estate Dreamhouse Playset
Sale price P22,999.00
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Barbie Fashionistas Ken No. 175 DollBarbie Fashionistas Ken No. 175 Doll
Barbie Fashionistas Ken No. 176 DollBarbie Fashionistas Ken No. 176 Doll
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Barbie Fashionistas No. 161 DollBarbie Fashionistas No. 161 Doll
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Barbie Self-Care Relax and Create Art Studio PlaysetBarbie Self-Care Relax and Create Art Studio Playset
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Barbie Shower PlaysetBarbie Shower Playset
Barbie Shower Playset
Sale price P1,800.00
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Barbie Skipper Movie Doll with AccessoriesBarbie Skipper Movie Doll with Accessories
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Barbie Smoothie Bar PlaysetBarbie Smoothie Bar Playset
Barbie Smoothie Bar Playset
Sale price P1,800.00
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Barbie Stacie Movie Doll with AccessoriesBarbie Stacie Movie Doll with Accessories
Barbie 16 inch BackpackBarbie 16 inch Backpack
Barbie 16 inch Backpack
Sale price P1,890.00
Barbie 24 inch Inflatable Swim RingBarbie 24 inch Inflatable Swim Ring
Barbie Babysitter Bath Time PlaysetBarbie Babysitter Bath Time Playset
Barbie Backyard Patio PlaysetBarbie Backyard Patio Playset
Barbie Backyard Patio Playset
Sale price P1,199.00
Barbie BMR 1959 No. 1 DollBarbie BMR 1959 No. 1 Doll
Barbie BMR 1959 No. 1 Doll
Sale price P2,499.75