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Disney Cars Sling BagDisney Cars Sling Bag
Disney Cars Sling Bag
Sale price P399.75
Disney Spiderman BasketballDisney Spiderman Basketball
Disney Spiderman Basketball
Sale price P199.00
Disney Cars BasketballDisney Cars Basketball
Disney Cars Basketball
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Disney Tigger 16 inch Disney PlushDisney Tigger 16 inch Disney Plush
Disney Tigger 16 inch Disney Plush
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Disney Hooyay Tigger Musical MatDisney Hooyay Tigger Musical Mat
Disney Hooyay Tigger Musical Mat
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Disney Hooyay Mickey Mouse Smart Touch PhoneDisney Hooyay Mickey Mouse Smart Touch Phone
Disney Hooyay Rock 'n Swap Donald Duck Drum SetDisney Hooyay Rock 'n Swap Donald Duck Drum Set
Disney Hooyay Mickey Mouse Shape Sorter ClockDisney Hooyay Mickey Mouse Shape Sorter Clock
Disney Nature Lovers Pluto 10 inch Stuffed ToyDisney Nature Lovers Pluto 10 inch Stuffed Toy

Collect All Disney Toys From Toy Kingdom, Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Disney

When you think about it, Disney is pretty much synonymous with toys for little kids. Walt Disney himself famously said that a child’s imagination is the greatest source of magic and wonder, so why not tap into that? After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a world overflowing with magical creatures and princesses? And that world has expanded over the years. There are now so many different types of Disney toys, from building sets to dressing-up outfits, that even if you aren’t into this particular brand of kid’s entertainment you can still find something to enjoy.  

Disney Toys For Kids

While there are a lot of other ways to experience the wondrous world of Disney, you’re probably here because you’re interested in toys. That’s perfectly fine! There are plenty of other excellent brands producing toys for people of all ages. But, among all the competition, one stands out: Toy Kingdom. 

For starters, they’re not just a generic toy company. They’re a specialty toy company, specializing in toys based on the many Disney movies and TV shows that kids love. As such, they have an excellent understanding of what kids want, and what they’re interested in. Kids all have various interests, and if you don’t know what those are you’re unlikely to provide them with the kinds of toys that they’ll love. Toy Kingdom is aware of this, and as such, they offer a range of toys that are targeted toward different age groups, from preschool to upper elementary school-aged kids. This means that there’s something for everyone, from Thomas the Tank Engine toys to princess toys. 

Toy Kingdom also has a range of construction and dressing-up toys for kids. There are also active and pretend play sets that are great for imaginative play and role-play, as well as construction toys that are great for helping kids learn how to build with their own hands. 

Disney Princess Toys for Kids 

While Disney isn’t exactly known for the subtlety with which they promote the virtues of princesses, they’ve certainly got some excellent princess toys on offer. These include more traditional toys such as plush toys and dolls, as well as more modern play sets and toys that you can set up in your own home. There are plenty of princess toys that are especially well suited for younger kids, including baby princess toys and toys for toddlers. You’ll also find lots of princess toys for girls, from princess dresses to princess play kitchens and princess bedrooms. There are even toys for boys, such as Transformers-inspired robot boys’ toys. 

The Best Disney Playsets from Toy Kingdom

While Disney princess toys are great, most kids just want to play with ordinary toys. That’s why, for so many kids, the best part about getting a Disney toy is that it comes with a playset. Disney has long been a pioneer in the world of playsets, and Toy Kingdom keeps that tradition alive in a modern context. There are plenty of playsets that are suitable for both little girls and little boys, and many are suitable for older kids too. These include construction sets, role-play sets, and even pirate-themed playsets that give you a chance to become part of the world of your favorite Disney movies.  

Shopping for Age-appropriate Disney Toys at Toy Kingdom

Just as there are different types of princess toys, you also need to be aware of the age ranges that are appropriate for your kids. This is especially important with construction toys, where some small parts can pose a choking hazard. There are plenty of age-appropriate construction toys that are appropriate for both girls and boys, including construction vehicles and construction sets. There are also plenty of construction toys that are appropriate for girls, such as princess-themed construction play kitchens and princess-themed playrooms. 

While you could certainly live without any Disney toys, it’s clear that kids love them. This is a great opportunity to tap into that love and satisfy your kids’ toy cravings with a wide range of toys from Toy Kingdom. Discover more ways to show your love by filling your cart with your kids' Christmas wishlist! Shop now at Toy Kingdom!