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Hatchimals Alive Egg Carton PlaysetHatchimals Alive Egg Carton Playset
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Hatchimals Alive Spring Basket PlaysetHatchimals Alive Spring Basket Playset
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Hatchimals Alive Make A Splash PlaysetHatchimals Alive Make A Splash Playset
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Hatchimals Alive! Water Hatch Deluxe PlaysetHatchimals Alive! Water Hatch Deluxe Playset
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Hatchimals Season 2 Hatchtopia GameHatchimals Season 2 Hatchtopia Game

Hatchimals: Hatching Fun Collectibles at Toy Kingdom! 

If you’re a parent, there’s no doubt that you have heard the name Hatchimals by now. Hatchimals are egg-shaped plastic toys designed to look like an endangered animal called the hatchimal. The hatchimal eggs are purchased separately and they come in different colors such as red, green, and pink. 

You can buy them, of course, at Toy Kingdom where there's almost an endless option of happiness. These eggs contain a small electronic device called a henchman inside them. When the egg is activated by holding it upright, it incubates for 10 minutes before developing into a real toy that resembles an endangered animal. 

Collect Them All!

Experience the thrill of hatching your own Hatchimal with interactive playsets! Nurture your egg, fill it with love (and water!), and watch your Hatchimal hatch before your eyes. These interactive creatures come with unique personalities and sounds, ready for adventures and friendship.

Unbox a world of surprises with these adorable collectible Hatchimals! Each mysterious egg holds a unique Hatchimal character waiting to be discovered. Collect them all and build your Hatchtopia family!

Hatching Fun for Everyone

Whether you're looking for the interactive surprise of Hatchimals Alive or the thrill of collecting Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, Toy Kingdom has the perfect Hatchimal for every child. With a variety of playsets and characters to choose from, the fun is just beginning! Shop online at toykingdom.com.ph.