Kindi Kids Series 7 Dress Up Magic Tropicarla Mermaid Doll


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  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Dress Up Magic Tropicarla Mermaid loves to play dress up and has a magical face paint reveal! Girls will love partying with this cute collectible Doll and her Shopkin!
  • Dress Up Magic Tropicarla Mermaid comes with a cute Shopkin sponge so girls can magically reveal her face paint! Simply use ice-cold water to see you Tropicarla's beautiful painted design.
  • Tropicarla Mermaid Dress Up Magic Doll wears an adorable mermaid tail dress and has a matching floral hair hie and sandals. Her clothing and sandals are changeable for extra fun play!
  • Tropicarla Mermaid has big glittery eyes. She comes to life with fun movement as children pick her up and play!
  • Children aged three and over will love to dress up and party with all the Kindi Kids Dolls! Collect all the Dolls in the Dress Up Magic series as well all their Kindi Kid baby sisters! The Rainbow Kindi has never been more fun!
  • No battery required

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