Mattel Games UNO Dos Second Edition Card Game

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  • Recommended age 7 years and above
  • DOS Second Edition card game updates the cards and rules to deal out the action on game night!
  • In the race to get rid of their cards, players can discard into either of TWO Discard Piles -- or even both!
  • All '2' number cards are 'Wild DOS' cards and can be played as any color '2' the player wants.
  • The 'Wild Play Two Card' forces the next player to discard at least 2 cards on their turn, and if they can't, they must draw 2 cards.
  • If a player plays 2 Action Cards on the same turn, the next player must take BOTH actions!
  • Measures approximately 3.62 in x 0.74 in x 4.48 in
  • Packaging may vary

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