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Nerf Elite 2.0 50 pcs RefillNerf Elite 2.0 50 pcs Refill
Nerf Elite 2.0 50 pcs Refill
Sale price P400.00
Save 53%
Nerf Rival 50 Round Accu Refill BlasterNerf Rival 50 Round Accu Refill Blaster
Save 50%
Nerf Elite Jr. Voyage Target Set BlasterNerf Elite Jr. Voyage Target Set Blaster
Save 50%
Nerf Elite Jr. Flyer BlasterNerf Elite Jr. Flyer Blaster
Nerf Elite Jr. Flyer Blaster
Sale price P500.00
Save 50%
Nerf Elite 2.0 Face Off Target SetNerf Elite 2.0 Face Off Target Set
Save 50%
Nerf Elite 2.0 20 pcs Dart Refill PackNerf Elite 2.0 20 pcs Dart Refill Pack
Save 47%
Nerf SD-1 Ace Elite 2.0 BlasterNerf SD-1 Ace Elite 2.0 Blaster
Nerf SD-1 Ace Elite 2.0 Blaster
Sale price P200.00
Save 47%
Nerf RD-8 Eaglepoint Elite 2.0 BlasterNerf RD-8 Eaglepoint Elite 2.0 Blaster
Save 34%
Nerf QS-4 Prospect Elite 2.0 BlasterNerf QS-4 Prospect Elite 2.0 Blaster
Save 48%
Nerf Rival Fate XXII 100Nerf Rival Fate XXII 100
Nerf Rival Fate XXII 100
Sale price P600.00
Save 50%
Nerf Rival Forerunner XXIII 1200 BlasterNerf Rival Forerunner XXIII 1200 Blaster
Save 50%
Nerf Rival Pilot XXIII 100 BlasterNerf Rival Pilot XXIII 100 Blaster
Save 53%
Nerf Rival Vision XXII 800 BlasterNerf Rival Vision XXII 800 Blaster
Nerf Transformers Optimus Primal Dart BlasterNerf Transformers Optimus Primal Dart Blaster
Nerf Blue Hyper Face MaskNerf Blue Hyper Face Mask
Nerf Blue Hyper Face Mask
Sale price P200.00
Nerf Hyper 50 Round Reload CanisterNerf Hyper 50 Round Reload Canister
Nerf Elite 2.0 Flipshots 8 BlasterNerf Elite 2.0 Flipshots 8 Blaster

Gear Up for Fun With NERF Blasters and Accessories at Toy Kingdom

Let kids take on the role of heroes and let adults release their inner child with NERF toy guns. Discover multiple ranges of NERF guns for sale at Toy Kingdom—from the smallest but most powerful blasters to mega guns great for indoor and outdoor play!

Game on with NERF

Go on an all-out NERF war with your family or friends with NERF blasters! Known for its dart guns—or popularly called blasters, NERF has a wide range of gun toys made for action-packed outdoor fun with the family. 

With over 20 unique blaster series to date, you and your kid will have fun choosing the best toy gun for a fun-filled NERF war. Pick your weapon of choice from a selection of tactical blasters, budget blasters, long-range blasters, and more. 

Check out the best-selling NERF guns series such as N-Strike Elite, Alpha Strike, and Ultra, plus special blaster series with Marvel Comics, Fortnite, and more available at Toy Kingdom. Find blasters suited for kids aged five to seven years old from our collection of NERF’s Marvel series like the Avengers Iron Man Repulsor Blaster. Among all the NERF guns for sale, big kids (a.k.a adults) will have a blast with the NERF Ultra Seven-Pharoah Gold.

Ready for battle

NERF guns come in all shapes and sizes equipped with sophisticated features and designs to make your indoor and outdoor wars more exciting! 

Whether you are sticking to the classic blasters or modified models, upgrade your NERF experience with accessories like utility vests and blaster straps from our collection. Don’t forget to grab additional blaster dart refills for unending fun.

Enjoy exclusive discounts on select NERF products when you shop these NERF toys and more at Toy Kingdom stores nationwide or online at!