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Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist toy for KidsPlay-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist toy for Kids
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Play-Doh Slime Hydroglitz Dino Crew Brown DoughPlay-Doh Slime Hydroglitz Dino Crew Brown Dough
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Play-Doh Slime Hydroglitz Dino Crew Blue DoughPlay-Doh Slime Hydroglitz Dino Crew Blue Dough
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Play-Doh Flip 'n Pancakes PlaysetPlay-Doh Flip 'n Pancakes Playset
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Play-Doh Rising Cakes Oven PlaysetPlay-Doh Rising Cakes Oven Playset
Play-Doh Rising Cakes Oven Playset
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Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Spiral Fries PlaysetPlay-Doh Kitchen Creations Spiral Fries Playset
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Play-Doh Springtime Pals Dough PlaysetPlay-Doh Springtime Pals Dough Playset
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Play-Doh Airplane Explorer Starter PlaysetPlay-Doh Airplane Explorer Starter Playset
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Play-Doh Busy Chef's Restaurant PlaysetPlay-Doh Busy Chef's Restaurant Playset
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Play-Doh Picnic Shapes Dough Starter SetPlay-Doh Picnic Shapes Dough Starter Set
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Play-Doh Frog 'n Colors Dough Starter SetPlay-Doh Frog 'n Colors Dough Starter Set
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Play-Doh Hair Stylin SalonPlay-Doh Hair Stylin Salon
Play-Doh Hair Stylin Salon
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Play-Doh Create 'n Go Pets Dough PlaysetPlay-Doh Create 'n Go Pets Dough Playset
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Play-Doh Create 'n Go Cupcakes Dough PlaysetPlay-Doh Create 'n Go Cupcakes Dough Playset
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Play-Doh Little Chef Starter PlaysetPlay-Doh Little Chef Starter Playset
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Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Morning Cafe PlaysetPlay-Doh Kitchen Creations Morning Cafe Playset
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Play-Doh Twirl N Serve Ice Cream PlaysetPlay-Doh Twirl N Serve Ice Cream Playset
Play-Doh School Day Adventures PlaysetPlay-Doh School Day Adventures Playset
Play-Doh Starters ShapesPlay-Doh Starters Shapes
Play-Doh Starters Shapes
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Play-Doh Starters AnimalsPlay-Doh Starters Animals
Play-Doh Starters Animals
Sale price P499.00
Play-Doh Starters NumbersPlay-Doh Starters Numbers
Play-Doh Starters Numbers
Sale price P499.00

Bring Home Creativity With Play-Doh Compound, Tools, and Playsets

Kids are natural artists full of out-of-the-box ideas. And what better way to harness a child’s big imagination than Play-Doh’s range of modeling compound toys! Let the kiddos dabble in imaginative and creative play with Play-Doh toys ranging from compounds, tools, and playsets available at Toy Kingdom.

Shaping kids’ imagination

With its non-toxic ingredients and a variety of types available in the market, Play-Doh is still one of the best toys to date for arts and crafts projects at home and at school. Besides its enjoyable use for playtime, it also promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills.

Explore Toy Kingdom’s Play-Doh collection for modeling compounds suited for kids aged two years old and up. Mold all sorts of fun shapes with an extensive line of compounds—from the classic modeling dough to gooey, puffy, and crackly slimes. 

These doughs and slimes come in a variety of eye-catching colors and textures. Each type of compound also provides unique tactile and sensory experiences that kids will take delight in. 

Big creations with Play-Doh

Pretend play doesn’t have to be boring. Kids can take on the roles of a chef or doctor with a selection of quirky Play-Doh sets from our collection. Create your own “food” with the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Pizza Oven Playset or build a farm with Play-Doh Pigsley Splashin Pigs.

A Play-Doh set will not be complete without handy tools to help kids construct their compounds. Extrude colorful shapes with the Fun Factory Dough Playset and Mini Fun Factory. They also collaborate with brands like Disney, Trolls, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and more for an enjoyable play for kids.

Find all these Play-Doh toys and more at Toy Kingdom stores nationwide. Shop online at and score exclusive discounts on select Play-Doh products!