Playhouses, Slides, Swings, Climbers

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Circular Playpen Gray and WhiteCircular Playpen Gray and White
Circular Playpen Gray and White
Sale price P5,999.00
White Toy Organizer 4 Layers with BookshelfWhite Toy Organizer 4 Layers with Bookshelf
Bus Playhouse - Blue
Bus Playhouse - Blue
Sale price P13,699.75
Green Bus Kiddie PlayhouseGreen Bus Kiddie Playhouse
Green Bus Kiddie Playhouse
Sale price P13,699.75
Green Bus Playhouse with Swing
Green Bus Playhouse with Swing
Sale price P17,199.75
Pink Bus Kiddie Playhouse
Pink Bus Kiddie Playhouse
Sale price P13,699.75

Build Your Kids' Dream Playhouse with Toy Kingdom

Do you remember playing in a playhouse as a child or dreaming of having one of your own? The toy playhouse has been a childhood staple for decades. It’s not just something kids only like, adults enjoy them too! 

Thankfully, Toy Kingdom offers a wide collection of playhouses, slides, swings, and climbers to make kids' playhouse dreams come true! 

Playhouses from Toy Kingdom 

Kids' playhouses come in different designs and sizes for all kids. Some will have more accessories, while others will offer a more realistic design. The best thing about playhouses is that they are perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

Toy Kingdom has a huge selection of playhouses for kids with slides, swings, and kids’ climbers, such as the Bus Playhouse with Swing, 3-in-1 Side with Big House, and more. Pop-up playhouses are also available for kids and parents to build!

Slides for kids 

Kids love slides! Slides are a fantastic way for kids to play and explore outside. One thing to keep in mind when finding a slide for kids is it comes in all sorts of sizes that even toddlers can enjoy. 

Toy Kingdom has an excellent selection of kids' slides. There are smaller slides that are perfect for younger kids, as well as larger slides that will accommodate older kids and even adults.

Kids’ swing sets

A swing set is a great addition to your kid's play area. You can find swing sets in different price ranges at Toy Kingdom, so you have options that fit your budget. Our kids' swing sets are available in a variety of fun designs and colors.

Building a kid's playhouse is a fun and rewarding project. It’s a great way to let your children explore their imaginations and be creative and it’s a great way to spend time with your family. 

Shop your new favorite playhouse for kids outdoor sets from Toy Kingdom and score the best deals before stocks run out!