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Pokemon Pocket Monster Riolo FigurePokemon Pocket Monster Riolo Figure
Keeppley Pokemon Squirtle Bonsai Building SetKeeppley Pokemon Squirtle Bonsai Building Set
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Additional Game CardsPokemon Scarlet and Violet Additional Game Cards
Pokemon Pikachu FigurePokemon Pikachu Figure
Pokemon Pikachu Figure
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Pokemon Gyarados FigurePokemon Gyarados Figure
Pokemon Gyarados Figure
Sale price P799.00
Pokemon Mewtwo FigurePokemon Mewtwo Figure
Pokemon Mewtwo Figure
Sale price P799.00
Pokemon Venusaur FigurePokemon Venusaur Figure
Pokemon Venusaur Figure
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Pokemon Charizard FigurePokemon Charizard Figure
Pokemon Charizard Figure
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Pokemon Type Ghost Poison Gengar Action FiguresPokemon Type Ghost Poison Gengar Action Figures
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Pokemon Type Psychic Mew Action FiguresPokemon Type Psychic Mew Action Figures
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Pokemon Type Dragon Flying Dragonite Action FiguresPokemon Type Dragon Flying Dragonite Action Figures
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Pokemon Type Water/Ice Lapras Action FiguresPokemon Type Water/Ice Lapras Action Figures

Grab All Pokémon Card Games, Toys, and More at the Toy Kingdom

Pokémon has spawned a huge base of fans, players, and collectors of all ages as one of the most popular Nintendo franchises in the world. With a worldwide reach on kids and adults, Pokémon mania is mirrored in different merchandise as its marvelous world continues to expand to date.

At the Toy Kingdom, you can find a range of Pokémon cards, toys, action figures, and more exclusively available in the Philippines!

Gear up in classic TCG battle

Trade cards with friends, build your personalized deck, or collect all-time favorite and rare characters with a selection of original Pokémon Trading Card Game sets that you can shop at the Toy Kingdom.

Whether for collecting or competitive play, you can check our collection for the latest Pokémon cards featuring hundreds of Pokémon species. Take over the role of a Pokémon trainer and create your team from the Sword & Shield series sets such as Vivid Voltage, Rebel Clash, Shining Fates, Celebrations, Fusion Strike, Evolving Skies, and Brillant Stars. 

Each Trading Card Game comes in booster packs, premium boxes, or elite trainer boxes for lucrative gameplay with fellow card gamers. Find a variety of trading cards from the lowest to highest card rarity on hand.

Gotta collect ‘em all!

Aside from the ever-popular trading game cards, Toy Kingdom also carries Pokémon merchandise and toys franchised by brands such as Mega Construx, Mattel Games’ UNO, and Keepley Blocks.

Go on an RPG adventure with Nintendo Switch video games—from the newest Pokémon Legends Arceus to the classic Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl games! Ultimate fans can grab Pokémon Pocket Monster Collection action figures from Takara Tomy or build authentically-modeled figures from Mega Construx.

You can get your hands on the newest and most-anticipated Pokémon toys and merchandise only at the Toy Kingdom! Buy all Pokémon cards and more in stores nationwide or get discounts on select items online via Toykingdom.com.ph.