Power Rangers

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Get Epic Superhero Action With Power Rangers Toys at the Toy Kingdom

From the original Mighty Morphin to the latest Dino Fury series season, Power Rangers has established a superhero legacy in pop culture for over 25 years with a vast global fanbase. The Power Rangers legacy continues not only in TV series and movies but also in merchandise such as toys, action figures, vehicles, apparel, and more!

At the Toy Kingdom, you can find a selection of Power Rangers collectibles perfect as a gift for kids (and kids at heart)! 

Power Rangers action figures

Inspired by the latest Dino Fury series, the Power Rangers 12-inch Dino Fury Rangers action figure lets kids and long-time series fans collect and play with a miniature model of their favorite rangers. This Power Rangers action figure set is available in Red Ranger to Yellow Ranger variations including a character-inspired Chromafury Saber accessory. 

Set off the dino-powered action with another Dino Fury toy from Power Rangers. Recommended for ages four years and up, the Battle Attackers Dino Fury T-Rex Champion Zord roars into action with its cool action attacks like the Chomp Attack or Dino Roar when kids pull or press on the tail!

Relive the decade that brought the ever-classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to pop culture with the 90s-inspired Power Rangers Retro Figure. Choose from the Yellow Ranger to the Pink Ranger and see how they morph into the popular Ranger form. This Power Ranger action figure includes a bow accessory that adds a flare of “morphinominal” action!

Don’t forget to search for other Power Rangers action figures and accessories series to add to your collection! Each is sold separately.

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