Star Wars

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Start Collecting Your Star Wars Toys With Toy Kingdom

The Star Wars saga became a global hit that it even expanded into a multimedia franchise in pop culture including movies, novels, toys, games, and more! To further immortalize the Star Wars franchise, official merchandise like the Star Wars action figures came to be a popular collectible among fans.

If you are one to collect Star Wars-themed merchandise, Toy Kingdom got you covered with a broad collection of Star Wars toys!

Jedi-approved Star Wars toys

If you are a big fan of the iconic saga and somehow love board games, you will enjoy a special edition word game from Mattel! The Star Wars-themed Scrabble is a perfect combination of the favorite galactic saga and word adventure with special letter tiles that include Aurebesh characters! Play the game with your friends in two ways: classic Scrabble game or in classic Star Wars fashion—Galaxy Mode!

Collect and build your own Star Wars-themed LEGO with the LEGO Star Wars Helmet set. This impressive LEGO model features iconic and recognizable characters in the galactic Star Wars universe like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Scout Trooper. Once complete, you can even display it proudly as an eye-catching centerpiece in your Star Wars collection! 

An assortment of Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Star Wars games is also available for video game enthusiasts. You can get two classic Star Wars games in one with the Star Wars Racer and Commando Combo that you can play with a fellow Star Wars fan.

Star Wars apparel is also trendy among kids! Star Wars swimming gear such as swimming trunks and rash guards are available in a variety of designs.

Expand your Star Wars collection with these toys based on the epic space saga of galactic proportion! Shop Star Wars toys online at or visit Toy Kingdom stores nationwide. May the force be with you!