Barbie Fashionistas Ken No. 175 Doll


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  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • The Ken Fashionistas dolls stay cool with trendy looks.
  • Ken doll wears a long-sleeve colorful striped shirt and light blue denim shorts.
  • White boots add the finishing touch for a cool yet sophisticated look.
  • Ken doll has sculpted brunette hair.
  • Designed with a zipper, the reusable vinyl bag can be used to store the doll or other Barbie fashions and accessories, and kids can customize it with their own art supplies, like stickers. There are endless ways to play --fill it, carry it and customize it!
  • Makes a great gift for kids 3 years and older -- they can play with style, play out stories and discover Barbie!
  • Measures approximately L 4.33 x W 1.97 x H 12.6 inch

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