Citron Super Duper Dino Lunch Backpack with Side Bottle Pockets


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  • Recommended for ages 8 months and up
  • Super-Duper Lunch Backpack
  • with side pocket bottle
  • When you’re a parent you understand how useful a Kangaroo pouch can be. Well, the next best thing might be our Super-Duper Lunch Backpack, a true walking-fridge-and-pantry-in-one school backpack that keeps food at room temperature or cold with an ice pack.
  • Insulated with 2 bottle holders
  • Fits 1 Grand Lunchbox alone + 2 water bottles or 1 Incredible Tritan Lunchbox + 1 Absolut Snackbox + 2 water bottles
  • Toddler backpack with single and double shoulder straps
  • Care Instruction: Easy to clean and washing machine safe.

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