Harry Potter Wizarding World Magical Magnetic Putty


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Recommended for ages 6 and up
This Wizarding World set is the perfect way for witches and wizards to experience the magic of Harry Potter! Experiment with a magnetic putty and a magnetic wand!
Use the 7-inch magnetic wand attract your Magical Mixtures compound! Roll out the putty into a thin rope and magically pull, shape, and manipulate it with the wand!
When you’re finished playing with your magnetic Magical Mixtures compound, place it in the crystal ball container and display it on the stand – it looks just like the Prophecy Orb!
Discover glow in the dark, magnetic and secret message putties with all of the Wizarding World Magical Mixtures Sets (each sold separately)!
Measures approximately L6.5 x W 2 x H 8.5 inch

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