Hatchimals Crystal Flyers Rainbow Glitter Idol Flying Doll


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  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up
  • Material/s: Plastic parts
  • When your Rainbow Glitter Idol Pixie is ready to fly, LED lights on her dress pulse and her wings begin to flutter. As she flies, her dress shimmers and her wings sparkle, lighting up the sky!
  • The Crystal Flyers Rainbow Glitter Idol Pixie can really fly! Launch her from the base or lift her into the air, then use your hands to guide her. She’ll sense if your hands are high or low!
  • Glittery wings and her colorful dress and makeup make this pretty Pixie toy a must-have for your collection! Display her in the crystal Hatchimals egg.
  • Crystal Flyers flying toys for kids are safety tested – if you touch your Pixie’s wings mid-flight, she’ll stop flying. You can also grab her legs to reposition her during flight.
  • Easily charge your Pixie doll with the USB cable!
  • Measures approximately 7.38 in x 7.38 in x 10.09 in
  • Requires 3 x 1.7V battery (batteries included)

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