Mattel Games UNO ONO 99 Card Game


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  • Recommended for ages 7 years and up
  • Watch out, because one of the cards is the ONO 99 card; if a player is dealt or draws an ONO 99 card, they must keep it and may not play it! The ONO 99 card game can be great practice for kids learning mathematical addition and subtraction Last player left wins.
  • A fun way to encourage math skills, at any age! The total never goes below zero, so simple addition and subtraction will do.
  • Every card counts, and there are some special cards to change the momentum, like REVERSE, DRAW 2 and a MINUS 10. Don't forget to decrease the total with a minus card.
  • Fast paced but easy to learn, this game is fun for the whole family. Up to 10 can play! Bring it out for game night or take it along as an entertaining game for travel.
  • Measures approximately 4in x 1in x 6in

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