Nintendo Switch Lucky Fox 12-in-1 Handheld Console Game Sport Kit


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  • Recommended for ages 10 years and up
  • Features: Comfortable Grip
  • Anti-slip hand rope enjoy your swing
  • Anti-dumping design
  • Ready-to-use: Lightsaber shape, immerse yourself in the world of lightsaber
  • Comfortable grip Ergonomic: to make your game easy to play
  • Switch Legs fixing straps: Longer length highly elastic suitable for multiple people
  • Joy-Con not included
  • Size - Raket: L : 12.75, H : 17.9 cm, Fencing Stick: L : 4.2, H : 18 cm, Golf: H : 18 cm
  • Inclusion: 1x Nintendo Switch Lucky Fox 12 in 1 Sport Kit Black (#N1201)
  • Box Dimension: L 14cm / W 8cm /H 22cm / 0.364kg

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